Argentine International & Real Madrid midfielder Angel Di Maria is unique in World Soccer. The player has evolved & matured into a "Total Football Player", the type most Coaches dream of having in their squad. Angel Di Maria attacks, passes, scores goal &, here is his speciality, defends with tireless running that keeps the team in equilibrium. A revolutionary that can win a stalemate match in minutes.

So why is everyone convinced that Angel Di Maria will leave Real Madrid ?

Real Madrid 2014

The truth is that it is the player who desires to leave the Club. Official reason is that Di Maria does not feel appreciated, or said differently & less diplomatically, wants more money. The player has asked for 8M€/season but the Club only offers 5M€/season. Here is the current impasse & the state of things. 

Angel Di Maria wants out, & in doing so breaks the Real Madrid Club culture & President Florentino prerequisite to stay at the Club: a personal desire to belong. With this broken, Real Madrid has the excuse to calm the fan-base & the reason to sell & payback their 80M€ investment on Colombian James Rodriguez made this Summer.

Coach Carlo Ancelloti who attempts to work & think for his team away from economic factors, does not wish to sell or lose Di Maria, he considers the player a vital piece in his squad plans. The Real Madrid team-mates also considers Di Maria an important member & are trying to convince the Argentine to stay, but apparent neither have worked. Angel Di Maria knows that Gareth Bale & now James Rodriguez are considered more playing starters for obvious reasons (according to Di Maria) & does not want to be a second or third playing fiddler. 

Current speculated news is that English Club Manchester United is preparing a big offer of around 70M€ to bring over the Real Madrid player before the closing of the Summer transfer window on the 31st of August. Will it happen? The Real Madrid fan-base gave the player a stadium lifting roar of encouragement & warmth when he came on in the 75th min of the Spanish Super Cup against At. Madrid last Tuesday. However, Di Maria does not want fan-base "warmth" as such but financial heat & secure playing time.

Stay tuned.

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