UEFA TOP 10 CLUBS RANKING | Spanish Football Clubs

UEFA has released its Clubs classification list & from a Spanish Football perspective it should not surprise. The state of Spanish Football has experienced a decline as the two top Clubs Real Madrid & FC Barcelona begin a period of transition & rebuilding as their solid players become older & performance is declining. This is especially noticeable at Real Madrid who has a noticeable list of key players over the age of 30: Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Marcelo, Benzema...etc, as with Barça: Busquets, Pique, Messi etc.

UEFA TOP 10 CLUBS RANKS | Spanish Football Clubs

Said this, the UEFA Club Ranking based on the results obtained by teams in their European participation in the last five seasons reflects relatively well the changing balance of power in European Football. While FC Barcelona holds second position, Real Madrid continues to slip down the ladder (from 3rd to 4th). The two other Spanish Clubs among the Top 10: Atlético de Madrid , is 5th and on the heels of their eternal rival Real Madrid, while FC Sevilla sits 9th. The last two mentioned Spanish Clubs have a better chance of climbing their positions if they can continue moving forward in European competitions, more so Sevilla than Atletico.

Spanish Football Clubs

A similar situation is occurring with English Football, as we witness the decline of traditionally strong Clubs like Manchester United & Liverpool FC over the past seasons

UEFA TOP 10 Ranking: Clubs:

1- Bayern Múnich (GER) 120,000 points
2- FC Barcelona (SP) 116,000
3- Juventus (ITA) 111,000
4- Real Madrid CF (SP)110,000
5- Atletico de Madrid (SP) 108,000
6- Manchester City (ENG) 103,000
7- Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) 99,000
8- Manchester United (ENG) 97,000
9- Sevilla FC (SP) 90,000
10- Liverpool FC (ENG) 89,000


Many thought that it would not have been possible, that the Spanish Football season was over due to the CO VID-19 crisis. However, the better than expected control of the pandemic & reduction of the local spread of the virus has made the situation good enough to open up LA LIGA & take-off where it left off before shut-down.

The Spanish Liga season resumens the 11 of June with the Seville Classic "Sevilla FC - Real Betis", with the rest of the scheduled match continuing the following days. Below are the schedules for Round 28 & Round 29 of LA LIGA. 

As you can see the fixture is very tight with matches nearly everyday & weekly in order to make up with lost time, plus attempt to finish the season (11 Rounds still to be played).

All matches are to be played under extremely higiene control conditions & in empty stadiums (no crowds). The main objective is to avoid CO-VID 19 contact & spread between players & within the Clubs, as an announced infection would put in quarantine the whole Club/s in question for 14 days.

So good news for Spanish Football, La Liga & fans. Lets hope things run smoothly with risks with health being the main objective.


The Spanish Football League - La Liga 2019/2020 - is currently at 20 Rounds from its total of 38 for a full season. Appropriate moment to see how the "Leading goalscorer" (EL PICHICHI) & "Leading goalkeeper" (EL ZAMORA) provisional classification tally is currently standing.

LA LIGA 2019-2020 season provisional leading TOP 10 leading goalscorers classification after Round 20:
FC Barcelona

1. Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) 14 goals
2. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) 12
3. Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona) 11
4. Ávila (Osasuna) 9
5. Roger (Levante) 9
6  Ángel (Getafe) 8
7. Budimir (Mallorca) 8
8. Gerard (Villarreal) 8
9. Loren (Real Betis) 8
10.Lucas Perez (Alaves) 8

LA LIGA 2019-2020 season provisional leading TOP 5 leading goalkeepers classification after Round 20:

Atletico de Madrid

1. Oblak (Atletico de Madrid) 14 goals received
2. Vaclik (FC Sevilla) 20
3. David Soria (Getafe) 20
4. Masip (Real Valladolid) 23
5. Rui Silva (Granada) 26


Champions League tonight with REAL MADRID & ATLETICO DE MADRID in Group matches. Here are brief summaries, along with goalscorers & the final results.

Real Madrid - Paris St Germain

REAL MADRID hosted PARIS ST GERMAIN & although both teams have secured the pass to the next stage of Champions League, Real needed to win to keep alive their chance to take top spot of their Group. Above is the starting XI team for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid - Paris St Germain

A great first 45 minutes from Real Madrid. The Spanish Club controlled the game, showed a high level of intensity that has not been seen for a long time in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Real played the ball at a very high speed and created plenty of goal opportunities of which PSG goalie Keylor Navas stopped literally a "goal bath". Tremendous Hazard, a genius Benzema and midfielder Valverde was everywhere.

Real Madrid - Paris St Germain

Same tonic in the second half with Real Madrid dominanting. However, an injury to Hazard & the substitution of Valverde allowed PSG to get more ball control & find spaces. Neymar who came on at the start of the 2ºhalf bettered the PSG attack. When Real Madrid was 2-0 up a mix up between Varane & Real Madrid goalie Courtois allowed Mappe to score & towards the end with a more relaxed Real Madrid Paris St Germain sub Sarabia equalized two minutes later. Gareth Bale hit the post from a free-kick in the last minute.

Great game from Benzema, Hazard, Marcelo & Valverde for Real Madrid, while for PSG Navas was the goal savior & Mbappe was dangerous.

Final result


1 - 0 (17') Benzema
2 - 0 (79') Benzema
2 - 1 (81') Mbappé
2 - 2 (83') Sarabia

Juventus FC - Atletico de Madrid

ATLETICO DE MADRID travelled to Italy to play JUVENTUS FC. The objective was a win for the Spaniards in order to secure their pass into the next stage of Champions League without depending on fate or third parties.

Above is the Atletico starting XI team.

Juventus FC - Atletico de Madrid

Juventus FC ended the first half 1 - 0 up in a very close & contested match thanks to a genius of Dybala, who was the best player in the first 45 min. 

Juventus FC - Atletico de Madrid

Alvaro Morata had a golden chance towards the end, although it was off-side. There was also a great opportunity for Angel Correa who combined well with Joao Felix but opted for the center instead of the shot. Atletico de Madrid now must win Lokomotiv to secure their pass onto the next stage of Champions League. If Atletico does not, it will depend on what Leverkusen does against Juventus FC which has already the Top Group spot and has nothing to play except their pride. Atletico played a fair game, but faced a Juventus team which defended very well and took advantage of a genius of Dybala.



1 - 0 Dybala 45m +  

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