EURO 2020 Group F qualifying match between SPAIN & MALTA played in the city of Cadiz. Spain sits comfortably at the top of the group & wants to win both games, Malta & next Mondays Rumania clash to stay first of Group F.

Here is a brief summary of events, goalscorers & final result.

Spain National Football Team 2019 vs Malta

Spain starting XI line up vs Malta:
Pau Lopez; Jesus Navas, Albiol, Ramos, Bernat; Rodri, Thiago, Cazorla; Sarabia, Gerard Moreno & Alvaro Morata

As expected with Malta last in the Group table & the least strong,  Spain dominated all the match with the visitors putting up an ultra defensive line-up. There was up to 6 defenders in-line as Malta hopped to avoid a scandalous result & if lucky find a counter-attack that may have lead to a goal.

Malta held out the best they could most of the 1º st half only "halting" Spain down to two goals up to the 45th min. 

However, the 2º half was a completely different game with Spain scoring another 5 goals. Two Spanish players debuted in the 2º half; defender PAU TORRES (Villarreal) & DANI OLMO (Dynamo Zagreb) with both scoring a goal in their debut. Good match played by Cazorla (also scored) & Gerard Moreno ( assisted on various occasions & scored a goal).

The final result could have been greater in favour of Spain but they missed more than a dozen goal opportunities, including a disallowed off-side & a post.



1 - 0 (23´) Alvaro Morata 
2 - 0 (41') Santi Cazorla
3 - 0 (62') Pau Torres
4 - 0 (63') Pablo Sarabia
5 - 0 (69') Dani Olmo
6 - 0 (71') Gerard Moreno

7 - 0 (85') Jesus Navas

Next Group match for Spain next Monday in Madrid against Rumania.


UEFA Champions League Groups action tonight with ATLETICO DE MADRID at home hosting BAYERN LEVERKUSEN & REAL MADRID away facing Turkish Club GALATASARAY. Here is a brief summary of the main events, goalscorers & the final results.

At Madrid vs Bayern Leverkusen

Above is the starting XI for Atletico de Madrid, a team without Felix Joao who was injured this weekend thus opening a space up for Herreria,  & Angel Correa getting a start.

At Madrid - Bayern Leverkusen

The first 45 minutes were somewhat bland with nothing really outstanding. Atletico de Madrid began trying to put on the turbo but fizzled out after a number of goal occasions. From there both followed their plans until they reached the half whistle. Lack of imagination on both teams.

At Madrid - bayern Leverkusen

With things looked the same as the 1º half Atletico needed to move things if they were to shake off the rocky German team. Coach Simeone put on Alvaro Morata & it paid off. In the 78th min LODI crossed & found his teammate MORATA who headed in the eventual winning goal. 

An important & very worked victory for Atletico de Madrid.


Galatasaray - Real Madrid

GALATASARAY hosted REAL MADRID which put forward the above starting XI. Midfielder Valverde & young Brazilian Rodrygo got a start, both played well.

Real Madrid CF Champions League

It was a must win situation for Real Madrid, while a black cloud was also hovering the head of Coach Zidane. The Spanish Club started well but quickly fell into old habits allowing spaces in defense & opportunities for the Turks. Real Madrid goalie COURTOIS made two (three) very important saves to keep his team alive. However, Real Madrid reacted in the 18th min when HAZARD found TONI KROOS who shot through the ball with deflection into the net. 

From here until the end of the game Real Madrid looked to seal things with a second goal that did not come. They tried, 22 attempts at goal & hit a cross bar from Hazard, this basically summed up the Real Madrid night. Not being able to shut things allowed Galatasaray to attempt the draw & they had their occasions to do just this while Real Madrid was at times risking.

In the end a vital victory away, a sigh of relief for Zidane & more breathing space for Real Madrid to fine tune their goal opportunities & their overall game.



EURO 2020 Group qualifiers continued tonight with SPAIN travelling to SWEDEN. The Spanish National Football team needed a draw tonight to get the sufficient points to automatically get their ticket to the Euro Championships. Here is a short summary with goalscorers & the final result.

Sweden - Spain

The above image shows the starting SPAIN XI team, with Carvajal, De Gea, Thiago, Gerard, Iñigo Martinez & Rodri getting a run. Sergio Ramos was out suspended after receiving a yellow card in Norway, his 5th.

Sweden - Spain

The great start of Spain, which was able to get quickly three very clear occasions (especially a hand to hand with Thiago) which gradually gave way to the reaction of Sweden. The local team had a very clear idea; defend, use the counter-attack & their superior physical strenght. The Swedes got stronger & Spanish goalie David De Gea had to make a fabulous save from a Quaison header to avoid the 1 - 0 in the 32nd min. Later on Spanish defender Iñigo Martinez also had to intervene to avoid a Swede goal.

Sweden - Spain

The second half started with Sweden getting ahead 1 - 0 in the 49th min through BERG after De Gea made two saves. Things get complicated for Spain which was looking for the equalizer & at the same time creating spaces for Sweden. The local side created many goal opportunities, of which one of those De Gea was injured & was replaced by Kepa. The clock kept ticking & the nerves set into the Spanish Game, which made Spanish Coach Moreno put on Rodrigo Moreno & Jesus Navas to be more vertical. It paid off.

In the 92nd min a Spanish corner found Fabian who crossed hard into the square to find the tap on of forward RODRIGO who equalized. Spain saved at the last moment with a final disappointed Sweden team which had fought hard & played well all game. 

The result qualified Spain automatically for the upcoming EURO 2020 Championships.


EURO 2020 | NORWAY 1 - SPAIN 1

EURO 2020 Group qualifiers tonight with NORWAY hosting SPAIN in a must win match for the home team. Spain needed a win to mathematically go through to next years Euro Championships, while Norway needed to not lose to keep alive there options for the second place of the Group. Here is a short summary of events, goalscorers & final result.

Norway - Spain

Above is the Spain starting XI in the image with the main news being SERGIO RAMOS who becomes the most Capped player in Spanish Football History with 168 International matches overtaking goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

The first half was uncomfortable for Spain, which started with ball possession and had a chance through Oyarzabal early on. However, as the match went on & Norway found counter-attacks things got complicated. 

Norway - Spain

Great start for Spain in the 47th min when SAUL scored from long rang. However, as the first half, Norway never gave in & kept fighting to stay alive in the competition. Although Spain defended the long balls bravely with an exceptional ALBIOL, Norway found a penalty in the 93rd min which KING converted to equalize.

Spain is left without direct qualification for the European Championship and will have to wait until Tuesday to see if it obtains the direct passport against Sweden. 

Norway - Spain


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