History has a long & steady list of personalities who go down as the “best in their profession” that have battled it out with someone else that has driven both to their limits in order to reach their top level. It’s a type of “ying-yang” situation were one person has no meaning without the existence & interaction of the other.

It now comes to my mind some names that highlight this idea & observation:

Boxing: Mohammed Ali – Joe Frazier
Sugar Ray – Marvellous Marvin Hagler 
Basketball: Jordan – Magic Johnson
Motorbike: Valentino Rossi – Jorge Lorenzo
Tennis: Roger Federer – Rafael Nadal
McEnroe - Ivan Lendl
Athletics: Ben Johnson – Carl Lewis

These are just a few “top of my head” examples from ,000s of names from all walks of life in the areas of politics, business, society & sports throughout history.

World Football – Soccer currently has its own “ying-yang” example, Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi. Both are competing to be “The Best in The World” & are indirectly assisting each other to bring out the best of themselves, & their intense & fierce rivalry is extracting qualities beyond their own talents that take each further & further beyond the boundaries of Football.

cristiano ronaldo 2011
Cristiano Ronaldo 2011

Spanish Sports daily paper “AS” gives an interesting article on this angle & highlights how both Cristiano Roanldo & Lionel Messi have shared the Football Title honours this season. Cristiano Ronaldo wins in the individual awards area while Messi wins with the collective. The end results however, is closer than one thinks.  

Here is a run down on some important numbers.

Each has scored 53 goals this season in all competitions. This is simply superhuman stuff, it is absolutely incredible as both are “light years” from the rest.
  • European Golden Boot (Shoe) season 2010-2011 …40 goals
  • Spanish League Top Goalscorer – “El Pichichi” season 2010-2011 …40 goals
    This sets an “All Time Historical Record” in Spanish Football. Simply amazing
  • Spanish Cup Title
lionel messi 2011
Lionel Messi 2011

Lionel Messi takes

• Spanish Football League Title 2010 - 2011
• UEFA Champions League Title 2010 - 2011
• Champions League maximum goal scorer season 2010-2011…12 goals

Both Ronaldo & Messi share the season scoring goal average ( all competitions) : a goal every 86 minutes.

In summary, a technical draw between Ronaldo & Messi as highlighted by the Spanish Sports paper. The other observation is that both "cannot live" (sporting wise) without each other & their merits may sub-consciously be directly influenced & effected by their fierce rivalry to out do the other. Lastly, the winners are you & me, plus all the Football lovers & fans around the World. We are all in a privileged moment of Football History that allows us to witness & enjoy two enormous & supernatural Football players. May that period be long, be competitive & stay healthy.

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