The prestigious financial consultancy "Deloitte" has released its annual study on the finances of the most powerful Football (Soccer) teams. For the first time since the study began, the giants of Football suffer a significant decrease in their income. Its estimated that the top  20 Clubs will lose over 2 billion euros in revenue at the end of the 2020-21 season, reports the consultancy.

The ranking is still dominated by Spanish Football Clubs, FC Barçelona, repeats at the top of the ranking ahead of Real Madrid. Interestingly, no Premier League team is in the Top 3 after Bayern Munich climbs to the third place. Said this, FC Barcelona is currently undergoing an economic crisis with a huge debt that has it "technically" almost bankrupt. One would expect Real Madrid to overtake Barça in the Financial Ranking shortly. The Madrid Club has over the years been "prudent" with sending as they have strengthen the income side with merchandising & TV Rights.
Spanish Football Clubs : Real Madrid & FC Barcelona

Complete Top 10 ranking (euros) 2020:

1.FC Barcelona 715.1 million
2.Real Madrid 714.9 million
3.Bayern Munich 634.1 million
4.Manchester United 580.4 million
5.Liverpool 558.6 million
6.Manchester City 549.2 million
7.Paris Saint-Germain 540.6 million
8.Chelsea 469.7 million
9.Tottenham Hotspur 445.7 million
10. Juventus 397.9 million

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