UEFA TOP 10 CLUBS RANKING | Spanish Football Clubs

UEFA has released its Clubs classification list & from a Spanish Football perspective it should not surprise. The state of Spanish Football has experienced a decline as the two top Clubs Real Madrid & FC Barcelona begin a period of transition & rebuilding as their solid players become older & performance is declining. This is especially noticeable at Real Madrid who has a noticeable list of key players over the age of 30: Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Marcelo, Benzema...etc, as with Barça: Busquets, Pique, Messi etc.

UEFA TOP 10 CLUBS RANKS | Spanish Football Clubs

Said this, the UEFA Club Ranking based on the results obtained by teams in their European participation in the last five seasons reflects relatively well the changing balance of power in European Football. While FC Barcelona holds second position, Real Madrid continues to slip down the ladder (from 3rd to 4th). The two other Spanish Clubs among the Top 10: Atlético de Madrid , is 5th and on the heels of their eternal rival Real Madrid, while FC Sevilla sits 9th. The last two mentioned Spanish Clubs have a better chance of climbing their positions if they can continue moving forward in European competitions, more so Sevilla than Atletico.

Spanish Football Clubs

A similar situation is occurring with English Football, as we witness the decline of traditionally strong Clubs like Manchester United & Liverpool FC over the past seasons

UEFA TOP 10 Ranking: Clubs:

1- Bayern Múnich (GER) 120,000 points
2- FC Barcelona (SP) 116,000
3- Juventus (ITA) 111,000
4- Real Madrid CF (SP)110,000
5- Atletico de Madrid (SP) 108,000
6- Manchester City (ENG) 103,000
7- Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) 99,000
8- Manchester United (ENG) 97,000
9- Sevilla FC (SP) 90,000
10- Liverpool FC (ENG) 89,000

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