Many thought that it would not have been possible, that the Spanish Football season was over due to the CO VID-19 crisis. However, the better than expected control of the pandemic & reduction of the local spread of the virus has made the situation good enough to open up LA LIGA & take-off where it left off before shut-down.

The Spanish Liga season resumens the 11 of June with the Seville Classic "Sevilla FC - Real Betis", with the rest of the scheduled match continuing the following days. Below are the schedules for Round 28 & Round 29 of LA LIGA. 

As you can see the fixture is very tight with matches nearly everyday & weekly in order to make up with lost time, plus attempt to finish the season (11 Rounds still to be played).

All matches are to be played under extremely higiene control conditions & in empty stadiums (no crowds). The main objective is to avoid CO-VID 19 contact & spread between players & within the Clubs, as an announced infection would put in quarantine the whole Club/s in question for 14 days.

So good news for Spanish Football, La Liga & fans. Lets hope things run smoothly with risks with health being the main objective.

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