Cristiano Ronaldo is on his way out of Real Madrid, or at least there are signals that indicate that these times around the “smoke signals” are correct. Latest news doing the Sports & Football media rounds is that Premier League giant Manchester United may be the next Club destination for Ronaldo next season. The return of the “prodigal son” is a possibility as commented in the past by Cristiano Ronaldo himself: a “retirement objective”. There is definitely strong evidence that a move at the end of the season is a strong & very real possibility.

Will leave Real Madrid

The main reason, at least publicly, is that Cristiano Ronaldo feels that Real Madrid has not “lived up” to there promise to lift his economic rewards (salary) to the level of Lionel Messi or Neymar. The Portuguese star believes firmly that he has won all the big titles, helping directly Real Madrid be NÂș1, while individually winning the important “FIFA The Best” & “Golden Ball” back to back. This makes Ronaldo technically the “Best Football Player in World Football” now earning around 24-25M€ per year, while Neymar earns +35M€ & Messi around +50M€ (these salary figures are never accurate totally). Cristiano Ronaldo has solicited formally & is waiting from Real Madrid a contract renewal that will put his salary close to Messi, &/or at least on par with Neymar. However, the Spanish Club has not responded positively (as yet). This in itself may be a clear signal from Real Madrid to the player that things are about to change.

It is no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo has declined in his performance & efficiency. Its natural, no one, no even super muscled Ronaldo, can halt the physical effects of time. Next February the Portuguese star will be 33 years of age, his speed has notably declined this season, his goal scoring efficiency has plummeted (currently only 4 goals in Liga) & is no longer the “decisive player” of the past. With this horizon Real Madrid may be reluctant to “invest” any further, while Ronaldo feels the Club has a “moral obligation” to do so.

However, Football has never been about ethics or morality; it’s about goals, victories & titles. This season Real Madrid is currently 19 points behind leaders & rivals FC Barcelona, & is currently sitting 4th on La Liga table (Champions participation next season under threat), which virtually signs that the Spanish Championship title is a no option. Added to this their unlucky, bad on-field performances & losses in lesser teams has alarmed fans, their participation in the UEFA Champions League is also under threat with Paris St. Germain coming up next month. The way things look right now, PSG is hot favourite to knock them out of their fetish competition. Real Madrid Directives are looking to the future & it seems Cristiano Ronaldo is not part of it.

In 2009 Real Madrid President Florentino Perez paid a then World Record 94M€ transfer fee to Manchester United for Ronaldo as an intricate & fundament piece of a long term “Global Strategic Plan” which included titles, increased Marketing income & Media brand domination; in part to win Asian & US markets & increase TV & sponsorship deals. Real Madrid has built its squad since then around Cristiano Ronaldo & it has paid back huge dividends with multiple titles (Champions League the most important), record Marketing, TV & Sponsorship income & media saturation Worldwide to brand Real Madrid. Now it´s time to find the “substitute”, to continue with “the Strategy”, & all indications point towards Brazilian, ex FC Barcelona & current Paris St. Germain player Neymar.

Neymar to Real Madrid CF

Everything indicates that Real Madrid & Neymar have already advanced to the stage that the Brazilian will land back in Spanish Football with them soon: the already famous PSG contract release clause. The original idea is incorporation in season 2019-2020, but unofficial sources indicate possibly as early as next season. Real Madrid seems willing to again break the transfer market for Neymar (+230M€ plus transfer +40M€ salary) because Real Madrid sees the Brazilian as strategic, the natural successor of Ronaldo on the field, in all Marketing & World branding. Plus the players “renewal process” will continue as Directives know too well that the Club needs GOAL, & will most likely sell Benzema to replace with a World-class goalscorer (Kane & Icardi are sounding). If things continue their negative results path, Zidane will most likely resign & many players (Benzema primarily…) will be without “defenders & shied”. To think that the next Coach of Real Madrid could be Mauricio Pochettino, currently at Tottenham Hotspurs, is realistic, & with him Forward Harry Kane.  

Kane to Real Madrid

For Real Madrid to acquire Neymar, add a World class goal scorer, plus a defender has a huge Investment, money that cannot be diverted in raising the salary levels of Cristiano Ronaldo entering his “twilight years”. In fact to renew the contract of Ronaldo will only delay the arrival of stars like Neymar who does not wish to be his shadow.

The current lack of a positive gesture from the Real Madrid Directives towards Cristiano Ronaldo demands is originating frustration within the player, who is already sending signals of his displeasure. There are unofficial media leaks that Ronaldo has already asked the Club & decided to leave next season. The news of a possible Manchester United return is part of it. There is another rumour that Ronaldo will be part of the Neymar transfer buying deal to make things smoother for PSG.

All the Cristiano Ronaldo (or his representatives) public outburst are playing into the hands of Real Madrid which will public announce that it was the player who wanted to leave & that the Club has an existing contract with him. This message will smooth public-fan opinion, although many already see “the glory days” of Ronaldo being over & would welcome the arrival of Neymar, others like Kane/Icardi…next season.

So to answer the question, will Cristiano Ronaldo be leaving Real Madrid next season? This time around there is plenty of evidence & signals that indicate YES. Which will be the new Club? Right now, rumours point to Manchester United & Paris St Germain is also in the formula.

Said this & concluded with today, Football changes rapidly. If Real Madrid knocks out PSG from Champions & continues advancing to win the title again, or if no other Club is willing to pay the huge salary expectations of Ronaldo, the Portuguese may well find himself playing at Real Madrid next season AGAIN & perhaps this time with Neymar: Kane/Icardi… & new Coach Pochettino.

Stay tuned.

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