Real Madrid was run over last Saturday by FC Barcelona 0 - 4 in "El Clasico" & as expected its the end of the World for the former. The backlash has been so intense that President Florentino Perez has had to come out this afternoon in a press conference to back his Coach Rafael Benitez who has been hammered. The nasty rumour is that the dressing room has no faith in their Coach & desire that Benitez be "pushed aside", with Cristiano Ronaldo apparently one of leading callers.  The Portuguese player is also thinking elsewhere for next season & Benitez could be helping with his decision.

With these last claims there is no evidential truth, but media insiders say that its common knowledge in the "inner circles". President Florentino Perez has had to put out fires announcing his full support for Benitez. But we have seen this before, last year when Perez gave full support to Ancelotti when under fire he then sacked him later. 

Real Madrid News 2015

The Real Madrid President has again put the blame this afternoon on the media, "which is out to get him". Sounds too familiar, its an old tactic to cover the numerous Football decision which have turned out to be mistakes. No one doubts that Florentino Perez is an expert business & finance man & has turned Real Madrid into the Worlds Richest Club, but he has no idea about Football. His period as Real Madrid President (2 periods) are full of big mistakes:
  • letting go of Makelele ,
  • letting go of Seedrof ,
  • sacking Coach Vicente del Bosque,
  • Signing Kaka...others, 
  • Signing Luxemburg, Pellegrini,...others,  
  • Not signing Luis Suarez, not good enough according to him,
  • Sacking Carlo Ancelotti,
  • PERHAPS - signing Rafael Benitez.
These are just a few in a long list of poor decisions.

What about Benitez? Like all Coaches it will depend if he can maintain victories. Winning is the only guarantee, not the hallow words of a President with doubtful credibility & at the whim of maintaining himself in power. The hard fact is that not only has FC Barcelona smashed Real Madrid last Saturday, Barça has been running over Real Madrid the last 10 years.

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