The Spanish (& World) Football media are still baffled & some laughing at the David De Gea - Keylar Navas transfer mix up or "fu*k ups". The reality is that today with the "Transfer Market" shut, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is still a United player because Real Madrid failed to send the "transfer documents" to the Spanish Liga HQ (LFP) before the midnight deadline. 

Transfer mix-up 2015

Here begins the song & dance between all the parts:
  • The LFP claims the documents arrived at 00.28 (28 minutes late),
  • Real Madrid claims Manchester United sent the documents just before the 00.00 deadline (23.59!!!!) ,
  • Thus observers comment that the delay was because Manchester United sent the documents to Real Madrid so close to the deadline time, not giving Real Madrid lawyers enough time to go over things (clauses).
Real Madrid will now present their case to FIFA claiming that they "arrived" in time. Thus we all,  & De Gea, will have to wait the outcome. But it will be a difficult case to win & it looks as if De Gea will not play in Real Madrid this season.

The real tragedy is how the Spanish Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has been played for months, mainly by his Coach Van Gaal. All this would have been avoided had Van Gaal facilitated the exit of De Gea earlier, instead of playing mind games & distorting realities within his fan base. The Manchester United Coach will now have to explain to Manchester United Club owners & shareholders how the lost 30,000,000 € in transfer fee income, as De Gea will become a free agent as of the 1st of January 2016. That is, David De Gea will be able to go to Real Madrid free next season.
Lastly, Real Madrid do not get off free from criticism as they too have played & messed around with Keylor Navas.

A poor & tragic example of how two Clubs - Manchester United & Real Madrid - which claim to be the biggest in World Football can express complete incompetence & in the process sink emotionally a Football player. Which adds to what is obvious to us observers, Football players are "meat" in the Football meat market.

We will now see how Manchester United Coach Van Gaal reacts after losing 30M€ & if he takes his embarrassment out on De Gea. Plus if De Gea can lift emotionally & take this punch well to perform again with United as the professional that he is & let run this season out.

Stay tuned!

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