With only hours available before the "Transfer Market" shuts at midnight, Spanish Football Club Real Madrid is close to shutting a transfer deal with Manchester United for their Spanish International goalkeeper David De Gea

Latest from local media is that a deal has been struck between Clubs with some details still to be tied. The transfer price is speculated to be around 30M€, while current Real Madrid goalie Keylor Navas enters the operation (valued at around 12-15€) to substitute De Gea at Manchester United.

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The initial problem was that Keylor Navas did not wish to move & go to United. However, the English Club has offered to double his salary (to around 5-6M€) & basically assure him a starting place on the team. This has apparently soften up Navas & his position to finally accept the change of Clubs. Navas knows that there is no room for him & De Gea competing for the one goalkeeper position, & that the arrival of De Gea would lead him to spend bench time, something Navas wishes to avoid at all costs.

From a personal view, the best option would have been to wait a further year to have De Gea arrive to Real Madrid free of transfer fee, however Real Madrid gave De Gea their word for this season & the Club wishes to keep it. The problem is De Gea comes terribly below form & will need time to adapt, added with the huge pressure on the young mans shoulders to live up to the expectations. Keylor Navas has left a good impression at the Club & with fans & his shoes will be hard to fill initially.

It is expected an official Clubs announcement in coming hours. Better to read that it is all official as anything can still happen. Stay tuned!

Latest : As warned above the De Gea - Navas transfer made an unexpected turn late tonight. Due to the late arrival of the transfer documentation of both Clubs at the Spanish Liga Headquarters, the De Gea operation (for now... barring UEFA-FIFA intervention) WILL NOT GO THROUGH. Said differently, the needed documentation arrived pass the 00.00 deadline thus keeping DE GEA at Manchester United & Keylor Navas at Real Madrid. Comical or tragic there has been a mix-up, or not, with the whole operation.

Therefore, De Gea - if nothing changes - will stay one more season at Manchester United & arrive FREE next season to Real Madrid. Thanks to Van Gaal Manchester United has lost out on 30M€ which will possibly make shareholders at the Club somewhat angry. Manchester United claim they sent documentation to Madrid before the 00.00 deadline & that Real Madrid failed to place papers at Liga HQ before 00.00

More details in coming days.

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