Something is not right with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Since receiving the FIFA Golden Ball in January the Portuguese forward has entered an observable "slump" with his play, & with his goal scoring rate dropping dramatically (dramatically in his extraordinary case) which has lead to all sorts of speculation.

The initial back alley talk was that his break-up with model Irina Shayk was affecting his "spirits". Others suggested that his ongoing knee complaint was perhaps halting the forward. However, these only cannot explain his striking external behaviour, offhand comments & his on field body language gestures that indicate that there is something more, much deeper niggling away in the Cristiano Ronaldo conscious.

The obvious that comes to the surface, that Ronaldo is frustrated with himself & with his drop in form. The player sets himself Sporting objectives which surpass most Sportsman, they are perhaps unrealistic & not getting there sets in high anxiety levels. Added, his main rival FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi has already surpassed him in the goal scoring area, thus more anxiety to the already high stress levels.

These emotions have flowed onto the playing field were we have seen a rise of unsavoury gestures that go from inner frustration to reprimanding his own team-mates for their play. Cristiano Ronaldo illustrates his unhappiness on the field, to his team-mates & in front of the World. Although not publicly said or admitted, this can only rub up the wrong way his team-mates who see how they must play for Ronaldo to satisfy his goal scoring hunger. This in the end is counter-productive for the team as many opportunities are not converted because everyone sacrifices their play to attempt to satisfy a nagging CR7.

This could all well be "cheap speculation", but yesterday’s on field gestures by Cristiano Ronaldo in the Liga match against Levante not only caught the attention of the more serious Football journalist but also the general public. Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to be "not amused" when Gareth Bale scored the first goal of the night after he failed to convert an overhead attempt - by the way, an apparent obsession with Ronaldo to score a goal in this fashion. The Portuguese was again "unimpressed" when his shot was slightly deflected by Gareth Bale who was awarded the goal. Unsportsmanlike? Egoistic? Lack of respect for his team-mates? I, at this stage, would not go as far & put it down to frustration with himself & the incredible "bad luck" he was having in scoring last night.

However, what caught my attention was something new, & worrying. The Real Madrid fans whistled Cristiano Ronaldo which caught by surprise their star. Cristiano Ronaldo in a new act of “showmanship” stood firm, still & looked back at the crowd in response nodding his head in disbelief, & perhaps full of indignation. This act was caught by the TV cameras & Ronaldo knew it perfectly well, he was responding massively & outside the Stadium. At the end of the match Ronaldo raced off the pitch while the rest of his team-mates stayed on to clap the support received from their home fans. The Portuguese magnified his "anger" with his play, with media & with his home supporters. It now seems the players have a grudge with the rest of the World & this is not good, this is alarming & could deteriorate if not redirected into a more positive direction.

Some Football observers have began putting loose pieces together to determine what is behind it all. There is a belief in some circles that some third parties are "putting things" into the head of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese Star had dinner with Alex Ferguson after last weeks Champions League game against Schalke 04. The ex-Manchester United Manager flew to Madrid to "convince" his pupil to return back to England where he could regain his level entering the "final turn" of his career. An attractive option perhaps, with the added bonus for the representative of Ronaldo, Jorge Mendes who must be calculating the astronomical economic figures that could be involved in such operation.

Leaving Real Madrid

This has put into the light a bad case scenario, that the “inner circle” of Cristiano Ronaldo (mainly the of figure of Jorge Mendes) has began to scheme & "manipulate the environment" & the mind of his player to consider a departure from Real Madrid to Manchester United. The Real Madrid fan base criticism, whistles & turn of public opinion would be the perfect excuse needed to pull off the idea. The blessing of a sale by Real Madrid President Florentino Perez cannot be dismissed at all. Publicly voicing or thinking this is not possible for Perez, it is unthinkable & a suicide in the face of the Real Madrid fan base. But Perez knows, like you & me that Cristiano Ronaldo has reached 30+ years of age & that NOW could be the only moment to make a sale with optimal economic transfer numbers. Fresh cash for Real Madrid that could be reinvested in younger World class talent - Pogba for example.

At this point, this sounds more of conspiracy theory than anything else. Getting back to winning ways, scoring plenty of goals & winning titles (especially the Champions League) will flash out & eliminate all thoughts & negative vibes from the head of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. But a loss at FC Barcelona next Sunday with a consequent possible goodbye to the Spanish Liga title, a possible elimination from the Champions League tournament & a run away Lionel Messi in the goal scoring tally could all well be enough to lead Ronaldo to pack his bags & fly off back to Manchester United. If so, there will be people who would benefit greatly, inside & outside Real Madrid.

Stay tuned!

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