The aftermath of the Real Madrid 3 – 4 loss to FC Barcelona in Sundays “Clasico” still continues send "waves" with more “juicy news” that is worth a mention & may have long term effects. After the match the Spanish media & most Spanish Football fans were caught by surprise by the “post match” comments from Cristiano Ronaldo & Sergio Ramos to the media. Both sanctioned the referee decisions & both let known that they were tired of “biting their tongues” to what appeared a "planned" & perverse wish from the “powers that be” of Spanish Football to continually put a spoke in the Real Madrid wheel. Both players recalled how their team always falls to controversial decisions & nearly always ends up with 10 men against FC Barcelona. Cristiano let known that perhaps there was a “dark hand” somewhere, while Ramos went further on to add that he is personally feed-up with all the clear bias & unfair treatment shown towards his team, & that he spoke for 90 % of the squad.

Leaving apart these player comments & their “Conspiracy Theories”,  that frankly do not add anything apart from bad vibes & poor losing statements, I was curious about the 90% figure given by Ramos & thought which 10% was not in accorded.

It turns out that Spanish journalist Javier Martin put forward an interesting article about a post-match event that happened in the Real Madrid dressing room that is also transcendent. According to Martin, the Cristiano Ronaldo & Sergio Ramos post match performance was pre-planned & orchestrated. Both felt that it was time to speak out against what they perceive biased treatment in favour of FC Barcelona. When discussing all this in the dressing room one voice was not in agreement with the plan, that person was Iker Casillas Captain of Real Madrid. In a tense debate & also tense exchange of opinions the loser was Iker Casillas as the rest of the squad fell in behind Cristiano Ronaldo & Sergio Ramos. Coach Carlo Ancelotti took a neutral stance & wished to appear more diplomatic, although he later asked in press conference that it seemed strange.

What apparently happened in the Real Madrid dressing room post-match is significant, as it could be seen as “mutiny” & possibly worst, the confirmation of loss of influence & relevancy of the current Captain of Real Madrid Iker Casillas. There seems that a change in the “balance of power” has occurred with Ramos taking truly over as acting Captain & team spokesman along with another obvious “heavyweight” Cristiano Ronaldo. This last could well himself claim the Captaincy if not for the internal "protocols" of the Real Madrid team were "seniority" is a determining factor.

REAL MADRID 2013-2014

What could the above now mean for Iker Casillas? Apart from not playing in the Spanish League, his authority has now been questioned & his relevancy is slowly diluting as his non-participation continues. Everyone still remembers that it was Casillas that called up Spanish National team-mate & Barça player Xavi Hernandez to find the peace after a “pitch-battle” with Coach Jose Mourinho at the helm seasons back. Some Football observers comment that José Mourinho never forgave Casillas for admitting – by making the first move of contact – that the on-field aggressions were primarily motivated by Real Madrid.

With this new episode & incident, it may be the moment that Iker Casillas seriously contemplate that a move to a new Club could be the best for his career. It would seem clear that his hold on the Captaincy has little meaning for next season & if he is to be relegated to the dressing room “middle-class” a move at this moment would seem best so not be be humiliated.

Could we be witnessing the beginning of the end of Iker Casillas at Real Madrid? It is just a thought. As you already know, winning in Sport & Football changes everything.
Winning a title/s this season, or Champions League, would help wash away all the “shit” stuck on the dressing room floor, right?

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