Real Madrid is currently on alert & anxious to know the final decision of their midfielder Xabi Alonso. The player ends contract on June 30th of 2014 & Alonso has still to announce if he will renew or not his contract with the Club. The player will become a "free agent" as of the 1st of January 2014 allowing him to negotiate with any Club he wishes & can leave Real Madrid for free. 

These circumstances makes Alonso very attractive for any Club & allows the player to negotiate the last big contract of his career as the 32 year old Spanish International is entering the final straight of his Football playing days.


For Real Madrid Xabi Alonso is very special & very unique in World Football. There currently is no other player in the World that is like the midfielder that gives experience, vision, stability & equilibrium that includes a full repertoire of short & long Football play. Currently Alonso is perhaps strategically & tactically the most important player at Real Madrid the true bridge that fits together the defence with the attack. 

As written here Xabi Alonso announced months ago ( last season ) that he was thinking of leaving. However, it has not been until the last few weeks that Real Madrid has intensified its efforts to convince Alonso to renew, an effort that may be too late as rumours point that Xabi Alonso has decided NOT to renew & will leave at the end of the season.

The reasons are said to be purely personal as the family of Alonso desires to move out of Madrid & find "new adventures". Although this is the repeated reason there is also a personal desire to finish off the career in a new environment & with a last "super contract". The last two cannot be found at Real Madrid.

Football observers & speculators place Xabi Alonso close to Jose Mourinho & Chelsea FC. The line waiting to talk to Alosno is long as he is a very demanded midfielder desired by all the big important World Football Clubs, but Chelsea is in the front running due to the close relationship forged with Mourinho while the latter was Real Madrid Coach.

The player himself has not officially as yet made an announcement & things can change at any moment with an announcement that would make Real Madrid Club & their followers happy. However, that announcement is taking too long which signals a difficult decision for the player & a more than possible "goodbye" to be communicated in any moment.

Stay tuned!

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