A popular Spanish Football late night TV show has revealed the three Real Madrid signings for next season. Journalist Juan Gato, reinforced by Alfredo Duro & the shows journalist ( Antonio Luque etc ) analysed the Clubs situation & according to their "inside information" gave the following scoops.

  • The next Real Madrid Coach will be Carlo Ancelotti. His official announcement is being delayed for two prime reasons. Firstly, PSG needs to find a substitute Coach & until then, from respect , Real Madrid does not wish to make the signing of Ancelotti official. The second is for financial tax reasons, if Ancelotti signs in June his tax rate in Spain will be more than 50%, if he signs in July it drops around 25%. Its about time limits living in Spain if you pay one % or the other. Meanwhile, Ancelotti is already planning the season from "a far".
  • It was believed ( still a possibility ) that Manchester City was in the front running for the signing of Spanish Football youngster & "Football Pearl" ISCO. The Spanish U-21 International & Malaga FC player seems to have changed his mind, & according to the mentioned Spanish Football observers there is agreement between Real Madrid & Malaga FC & a tacit agreement with the player. The transfer sum being said is around the 25-30M€ mark. 

    Manchester City will make a last big effort & today in Spanish online media "elconfidencial" journalist José Felix Diaz says all the contrary to the above, that ISCO has chosen Manchester City to follow his ex-Malaga Coach Pellegrini who guarantees Isco playing time.
Real Madrid 2013 transfers

  • Real Madrid knows it needs a number 9 , a pure striker. The chosen player is Uruguay & Napoli player CAVANI. The deal is apparently advanced & needs to fix some minor issues. The price is around 55M€, but Real Madrid wishes to lower this to 35M€ including players in the operation. Napoli asks for Khedira & U-21 International Morata, both of which we doubt Real Madrid will accept. However whatever the final formula, Cavani is the chosen foward, over Liverpool FC forward Luis Suarez or the talked about Borussia Dortmund Lewandowski

Real Madrid transfers 2013
  • Lastly, it was commented that the signing of Tottenham Hotspurs Welsh International Gareth Bale was on course & virtually tied up. Tottenham Coach Villas-Boas is saying that Bale is not going anywhere but locally commentators insist that this is smoke. The price of Bale started around 90M€ but it is speculated that it will be finally closer to 70M€. There is no rush here from Real Madrid, the Spanish Club has Bale as the maximum priority to sign for next season & they wish to do things correctly with Tottenham & the player. But locally those in "the know" are convinced Bale will come & tied.
Just an ending note, although the Spanish TV programme is full of reputable Spanish Football journalists & observers their "inside information" remains speculation & even rumour. As I always say until Clubs make things official nothing is certain. Having said this & made it clear, the news is that the three big player signings for Real Madrid will be: ISCO; CAVANI & BALE

Stay tuned.

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