Last Thursday there was a meeting at a Barcelona Hotel between "representatives" of Italian Club JUVENTUS & persons close to FC BARCELONA forward DAVID VILLA. According to Spanish paper "El Comercio", which has been picked up by "Sport", "Mundo Deportivo" & "Marca", the Italians wanted to know the Villa situation & his thoughts.

From this the Barcelona Sports papers speculate that nothing will come out of this, while "Marca" ( Madrid based ) speculate that Juventus will make FC Barcelona a formal offer this Monday in which Villa will be offered a 4 year contract at 8M€ salary per year.

Before everyone gets excited, especially the Italian readers, bear in mind that a meeting occurred but that is all, from here to speculate a real transfer opportunity is premature & at this moment with little possibilities. Plus, there is only 5 days in the "transfer window" left for manoeuvring. Juventus seems also to have two more names on their list of forwards in case some fall like Fernando Llorente ( At. BIlbao ) & Edin Dzecko ( Man City ), thus there is enough to chose.

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David Villa

Said this, lets analyse the situation of David Villa at Barcelona. In a nutshell, it is not what David Villa thought of the day he signed for Barcelona. Firstly, the player is placed on the left wing, an area that is not his natural position. Secondly, he is not a regular starter, with Pedro, Alexis & even Tello competing with the Spanish International & this was not part of the signing talks way back. 

Rumours have been sounding, & ever more with certain strength, that David Villa is not happy at all at Barcelona. Some insiders have commented that since 12 months back, Villa has told his representatives to consider other options. His 8 month long leg injury has caused that Villa feel the need to return the "love & support" to the Club, but the heart has little to do or play in professional Football.

This brings up another question or to highlight a clear trend. Ronaldinho, Eto´o, Ibrahimovic & David Villa, the first three were shown the door, & the last may wish to leave, what is the common denominator? LIONEL MESSI

More & more the rumours point to Messi as the reason why Barça has a apparent "curse" with the Nº 9 position. The Club has Messi as a priority & thus will sacrifice everything & anyone to keep the Argentine happy & playing the way he likes to play. The fact is, that FC Barcelona plays for Lionel Messi & players are sacrificed to play elsewhere on the field to allow Messi to do what he wishes on the field.

Other "bad tongued" commentators say that Messi does not wish to have shadows & has voiced this,  in the Ibrahimovic case,  & we all know how that ended up.

In conclusion, lets see how the Juventus - Villa news turns out first before getting excited. I doubt the transfer will happen now, what I do not discard is a "Winter Market" move. If Villa does not get playing time & keeps seeing himself as the "lesser" forward a move from Barça could be logical & needed. Here Juventus can have their chance,  or any other Club, which are many.

Stay tuned!

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