SPANISH FOOTBALL tonight with 5 matches of Round 32 of the Spanish League played with the following final results & scorers.

Miku scores for Getafe

GETAFE deserved its 2 - 0 victory over REAL SPORTING DE GIJON with goals coming from MIKU in the 22nd min & DIEGO CASTRO in the 47th min. The news however is with the losing team that is last on the classification table & looks destined to fall into the Spanish 2º Division. This is not definite, but watching things today Gijon will need more than good play & luck to get out of this spiralling hole. A real pity as Gijon is a historical Spanish Football Club.  

Espanyol - Real Sociedad

The game between RCD ESPANYOL & REAL SOCIEDAD finished in a deserved 2 - 2 draw, as both defences were below performance & allowed to be scored goals. Real Sociedad signed their intentions early & put the fright into the home team with two goals early, the first via VELA in the 12th min & another in the 14th min. But Espanyol reacted & cameback with an unfortunate ( fortunate for  Espanyol ) own goal from DEMIDOR in the 45th min & the equalizer by WEISS in the 47th min.

Rayo Vallecano

The high scoring match of the day was RAYO VALLECANO - OSASUNA with the home team winning 6 - 0. The Madrid Club simply ran-over Osasuna which ended psychologically "demoralized" as the goals rained from the 4th min.

The goal shower began via MOVILLA in the 4th min, MIKU twice in the 16th min & 28th min, DIEGO COSTA in the 36th min, ARMENTEROS in the 57th min & TITO in the 79th min.

Never has the saying , "one way street " been so accurate to describe events.

Spanish football Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 

REAL ZARAGOZA lost 1 - 4 to FC BARCELONA, & Barça are now currently just 3 points behind League leaders Real Madrid with the latter a game less & plays Valencia CF tomorrow. This puts pressure on Real Madrid which must win to maintain the 6 point cushion.

Real Zaragoza lost,  in the true sense of the word,  this game after putting Barça against the rope early by hitting the post, missing a penalty & then going down to to 10 men for the whole of the second half, thus facilitating things for Barça.

ARANDA put Zaragoza ahead in the 30th min, but a mistake by Zaragoza goalie Roberto in an aerial ball gave PUYOL the opportunity to equalize in the 36th min. Then Messi found the "groove" & scored in the 39th min to put things in their place. Zaragoza bravely held out most of the second half with a man less , but they cracked - to be expected - as MESSI scored the third via a penalty in the 86th min & PEDRO scored the fourth in the 92nd min ( from a Messi pass ). Zaragoza still in deep relegation troubles

Spanish Football
Ruben Castro scores for Betis 

VILLAREAL are hoovering "trouble", if not immersed in it already, as they lost 3-1 to REAL BETIS & is dangerously close to the relegation zone. Betis started slowly & gradually grew in play to overtake Villareal which went down to 10 men mid second half.

The goals came via SANTA CRUZ in the 35th min, RUBEN CASTRO in the 38th min & BAÑAT in the 59th min. Villareal did well to halt more goals from Betis, but did win a penalty in the 92nd min which MARCO RUBEN converted. But that was little.

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