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SPANISH FOOTBALL has its own Shakespearian play underway with two stories full of drama, changing destiny, backstabbing, betrayal, rumour, lies & human suffering. One is Cesc Fabregas & his endevour to leave Arsenal & get to FC Barcelona, the other which is todays post,  SERGIO AGUERO & his desire to leave ATLETICO DE MADRID for rival REAL MADRID.

One day someone may decide to write a play about this true story,  & may even put it in the London "Westend" or the Madrid "Gran Via" to dramatize the tragedy of a Football player.

Spanish Football
Sergio Aguero

It all began with the ambitious desires of a very talented & young Football player making a name for himself in a Spanish Football Club that wasn´t making the grade. There were moments of glory - the Europa League & Euro SuperCup - but the real aim & the place of potential champions is the European Champions League where "Golden Ball Players" are made & breed. This burning ambition & a family relative who is considered one of the greatest players in Football History (Maradona - father in law), pushes the player called SERGIO AGUERO to find his place on the Football Olympus.

His Club Atletico de Madrid open the door of his future by lowering his contract release clause from 65+M€ to 45M€ & a "verbal agreement" to listen to future offers if the money is right. Aguero begins to plan his future & begins talks with other potential Clubs, one being Real Madrid which made a formal offer in January 2011 which Atletico de Madrid refused. 

Here the first part of the tragedy, Atletico will sell to any Club except Real Madrid. As the Spanish League season continues Aguero puts in a "blinding" second half to save Atletico from a season disaster & put the Club in Euro places. Meanwhile his three player representatives, all of which are fighting between themselves & have diverse vested interests, are working hard to find a new "home" for Aguero,  a place that competes in the Champions League regularly & can offer a steady World Stage to allow the 23 year old to explode onward to Football stardom.

Argentine International, two time FIFA Golden Ball winner, FC Barcelona star & personal friend LIONEL MESSI transmits to Aguero that Barcelona are interested in his services. Real Madrid find out & quickly move to work so that this does not happen. Suddenly, Aguero & his future have a chance, a golden opportunity , with the two biggest Clubs in the World calling & fighting it out for you.

Advised by his representatives, his World Football God father-in-law, the comments of & from diverse inside influential "personalities" at Barça & Real Madrid & with Atletico in turmoil with in house power-battles, Sergio Aguero takes a "calculated" decision & makes his very brave & risky move. Before leaving for Argentina for the "Copa America" he attempts to meet Atletico de Madrid owner Gil Marin & President Cerezo to advise & announce that he has offers & that he wishes to leave. Not being able to see both Club Directives & under pressure from his "people" before leaving to fly off to Argentina, the player unilaterally announces that he is leaving the Club & will not be playing next season at Atletico , thus the Club should respect his wishes. 

A brave move as we still don´t know if Aguero had a firm (written - pre-contract) commitment from Barça or Real Madrid. In fact, as the events would show Barcelona found the 45M€ release clause too high & the petition of Atletico for their young star Thiago, Keita & Soriano was totally out of order. Barça changed strategy & focused on ALEXIS SANCHEZ of Italian Club Udinese. Real Madrid bulked inward at the aggressive reaction of Atletico de Madrid & the possibility of a mini "revolution" & inter-Club war & looked elsewhere in Brazil at NEYMAR

Suddenly, Sergio Aguero has found himself in no man´s land, his ships burnt with no way back home, with the life boats  Barça & Real Madrid disappearing from the horizon as puffs of smoke. A true tragedy & a real series of broken promises & betrayals that has left the player to the dogs. Bad calculation from Aguero? Without any doubt. Bad advise from his representatives? Totally. Naive? Yes. Inexperienced? Yes.

To fix this terrible situation, Aguero has had his team travelling Europe to find Clubs willing to put up 45M€ & thus be able to use that Club as a pressuring lever at Atletico to relax their demands & their violent fears,  & attempt to reignite the Real Madrid interest & stimulate their desires.

Italian Club Juventus showed real interest,  but would not go as high as 45M€  & Aguero did not wish to go to a Club not even in Europe next season. While from England Manchester City is willing to pay 45M€ to substitute Carlos Tevez ( almost certain departure) but Aguero does wish to leave Spain as his desire is Real Madrid. In conclusion a very delicate situation with a self made hole the size of the "Santiago Bernabeu" staduim.

Last news is that Sergio Aguero has bravely said yesterday that he is not going back to Atletico de Madrid, that he has already pronounced himself & that his people are working to find him a new "home". The only new "home" Aguero wants is Real Madrid, & if Real Madrid does not wish to break relations with Atletico de Madrid & have Neymar as their "star signing" objective, difficult solution I see here:

1. The Neymar operation fails - very doubtful its practically shut.

2. Real Madrid decides to sign Aguero against Atletico´s wishes & puts up 45M€
3. That Aguero ends up in a Club not of his desire out of pride & lack of options
4. Returns to Atletico, publically asks for forgiveness & be humilided.

except for point 2,  the rest is a true tragedy , a Modern Football Shakespearian play.

Stay tuned...the doors are not all shut & things can turn positively. Sergio Aguero has until the 31st of August to turn this bad & ugly situation - if he can -  into a dream,  or if not, into a nightmare.

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