Spanish Football Sports has received several e-mails today from readers, especially from the Asian region, asking what's the current situation between Brazilian young 19 year old sensation NEYMAR & REAL MADRID. Good question, the situation is full of gossip although the consensus from the Spanish Sports media is that the deal is almost done. 

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Neymar (efe)

A couple of days back I posted here an update on the Neymar situation. Since then little has advanced except what has been published today in the online paper "el confidencial" by serious & reputable local sports journo Jose Feliz Diaz.

According to the story Real Madrid President Florentino Perez flew to Paris yesterday to meet Santos President Luis Álvaro de Oliveira & representatives of Sonda ( owner of 40% rights of Neymar) to shut the deal. The official announcement is "scheduled" - if nothing changes - for the end of the "Copa America" where Neymar is totally concentrated with the Brazilian National Team.  The details of the operation is a transfer fee of around 40M€ +/- & a 6 year contract with the player & for 5M€ per season.

Therefore, following the news, it all looks like that it is just a matter of time that Neymar joins Real Madrid. This does not necessarily discard another forward as Coach Mourinho does not see Neymar as a pure goal square striker. Coach Mourinho from Los Angeles,  where Real Madrid is doing pre-season, surprised with his comments & did not rule out Adebayor, & Sergio Aguero is still a very dim possiblilty. Who knows what real tactics or strategy Mourinho or Real Madrid are up to & playing.

I have read in Spanish magazine "Don Balon" a far fetch idea that is not so crazy. Real Madrid may sign Adebayor to offer & to lower the cost of a hypothetical Real Madrid - Atletico de Madrid deal for Aguero. In Football anything is possible & an area where science-fiction becomes a reality in a short space of time. I put in a post today (below) on the Aguero situation, which is dim, difficult & very complex.

Said this, stay tuned, anything can still happen.

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