This SPANISH FOOTBALL transfer story is beginning to stink. Its a "love story" that has hit the wall of reality with full heart wrenching consequences. FC Barcelona player Xavi Hernandez mentioned it the other day ..."Cesc is suffering", reminding me of Romeo yelling his heart out for Juliette.

The negotiations between ARSENAL & FC BARCELONA for Spanish Football International CESC FABREGAS are not good, in fact , they are terrible at this moment. Arsenal wants 40M€ minimum to begin talking & FC Barcelona thinks that's way out of touch with reality. Arsenal is also feed-up with Barça using third personas ( Xavi, Busquets, Pique...etc) to send messages & attempt to fire-up the atmosphere 

spanish football
Cesc Fabregas

When someone is in love, as Cesc Fabregas is with Barça, he/she does not see the truth & does not wish to hear the truth. FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell does not consider Cesc Fabregas an important objective for the team, the President does not want to pay +40M€ tranfer figure for a player that will most likely spend more time on the bench than on the field where Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Mascherana & Thiago have all something to say. Coach Guardiola seems to be the only support that Cesc has , but this is weaning away, as it is more about "ethics" & "team spirit" than just Football. The fact is , Guardiola may decide to leave Barcelona at the end of the season ( its possible) & investing 40M€ is a long-term plan. 

Added to this there is a certain pride element. Barça still feels sour about the way Arsenal - according to them - poaches their young stars from "La Masia". Barça is the "Best Club in the World" & wishes to be respected as such & let other know that this is the new order. However, this ruffles the feathers of many other Clubs ( look how long Alexis Sanchez is taking with mid Italian Club Udinese ) & added with the poor negotiating experience of the Barça Directive Team, things get complicated. I still remember FC Barcelona President a month back saying publicly the Cesc costs less than last year , much less than 40M€. Imagine the reaction of Arsenal thinking that now Barça also sets market prices.

Lastly, street interviews by Spanish TV asking Barcelona fans & city citizens, illustrate that they are totally indifferent to Cesc Fabregas returning or not. I still remember the Camp Nou whistles & the booing given to Cesc by a big Barça sector in the last Champions League Q-Final match.

Cesc Fabregas is still pressuring with an announcement to Barça that he is willing to of lower his salary to get the Club to make the "extra effort". Stupid in my mind that any professional resort to this when its the Club that's not making the "extra-effort". Barcelona based Sports press ( Sport / Mundo Deportivo) are attempting to paint Arsenal - Wenger as the bad guys, but the truth is Wenger has kept his words with Cesc Fabregas & its FC Barcelona not expressing 
reciprocal "unconditioned love"

Will Cesc Fabregas finally go to FC Barcelona? I think so, because of the players blinded insistence,  & Barça feel morally obliged to take him. Good move for Cesc´s carreer? I hope so, although it does not look like at this moment. I cant understand anyone wishing to go to a place not 100% wanted or "loved".

Stay tuned for developments!

Love is blind!

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