The message was directly aimed at the ATLETICO DE MADRID members &amp the fan base; a multitude who are very angry with the Clubs Directives & with some players who are not thinking in the Club but more about their future. Added to this the team has entered a downward spiral course that is putting in threat the only objective left of this season: to finish in the Champions League classification places on the ladder.

Last night Atletico de Madrid President Enrique Cerezo & CEO Miguel Marin Gil ( the owner & the real power at the Club) went on national Spanish radio on a big ranking Spanish Football late-night programme to be interviewed & to discuss the future of Atletico.

However, the interesting piece of the whole interview was this gem from CEO Marin Gil when asked about rumours & offers from Real Madrid for star forward Sergio Aguero:

"...Agüero no va a ir al Real Madrid...porque el jugador no quiere irse y porque el Atlético no se lo va a permitir".

Translated:"... Aguero will not go to Real Madrid...because the player does not want to & because Atletico will not permit it".

The Atletico members & the fan base may now sleep better after this statement, but I think they are - we all are - much more wiser, with lots of years experience with similiar heard statements & have too much knowledge that Football is short term, Club owners "distort" ( & this particular owner has a history) & players end up doing what they want to in the end.

I don´t know if Sergio Aguero will go to Real Madrid or not, that much I do give "credit" to the statement. What I do suspect ( & seriously) is that if Atletico do not finish the season in Champions League positions ( very difficult at this point), Sergio Aguero will not stay around for too long...& Diego Forlan? His already gone.

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