SPANISH FOOTBALL celebrated six matches today of the SPANISH LEAGUE - LA LIGA as part of Round 21 that has given the following results & scorers.

Spanish Football
Sporting Gijon player Novo (right) scores

notched up its third straight victory with a 0 -  4 result over REAL MALLORCA who are going through a difficult moment. The home side was furious with some referee decisions but clearly they were well beaten tonight by Sporting. The scorers for the visitors were DIEGO CASTRO in the 3rd min, own goal by Mallorca defender KEVIN in the 60th min, ANDRE CASTRO in the 63rd min & NACHO NOVO in the 86th min.

Spanish Soccer
Caciedo scores for Levante

LEVANTE won 2 - 0 GETAFE & the latter must be wondering what is going wrong. The home team isn´t exactly going well & the three points really helps them in their attempts to stay out of relegation danger, as difficult that may be for the Club. The scorers were VALDO in the 47th min & CAICEDO in the 54th min.

Alarm bells at Getafe.

Spanish League
Ansotiega for Real Sociedad

REAL SOCIEDAD took advantage of a low spirited ALMERIA who lost in the Spanish Cup semi against Barça 0 - 5 to win tonight with a good 2 - 0 result. The action really happened in the middle part of the match for the home team when ANSOTIEGA scored in the 45th min followed by RAUL TAMUDO in the 79th min. 

La Liga Spain
Malaga FC - Real Zaragoza

MALAGA lost again 1 - 2 to REAL ZARAGOZA which lifts eyebrows as Malaga has really invested considerably in the "Winter Transfer Market" to get new players & the results are not accompanying the team at all. It was Malaga that scored first via DUDA in the 15th min but the period of grace ended as the game went onwards. BERTOLO equalized for Zaragoza in the 39th min & SINAMA got the winner in the 86th min. 

Spanish Football
FC Barcelona player Pedro scores against Hercules

HERCULES FC finally succumb to FC BARCELONA to lose 0 - 3 & dissipate any idea of repeating a victory over Barça as occurred last time they played. The home team sure gave it a good try & had Barça wondering & doubting about their Football. Barça player BUSQUETS played a great match & held out the enthusiastic Hercules attack specially in the early stages of the match. However, even when playing "badly"  FC Barcelona can turn things around at a flick of an eye & inform youngster PEDRO again scored from a Xavi pass in the 43rd min.

The 2º half saw Barça turn the balance to their favour as the Hercules effort caused them tiredness & opened up spaces. LIONEL MESSI then came into his own & scored in the 86th min & in the 89th min to put things into their "natural place".

Barça keeps winning & transfers the pressure onto Real Madrid who play tomorrow.

Deportivo Lassad scored twice

was living with some "bad vibes" as Coach Lotina publicly criticised this week his players for lack of commitment which inflamed the dressing room. Apart from upsetting players it must have motivated them as they nearly won & drew 3 - 3 with SEVILLA FC in a nail-biter with comeback efforts from both sides included.

Deportivo was surprisingly in control from the first minute & LASSAD scored a blinder in the 15th min. The Deportivo control & dominance continued & Sevilla went down to 10 men in the 56th min when goalie Palop handled the ball outside of his area. Deportivo took advantage immediately & LASSAD scored his teams second in the 62nd min. But it all radically changed...

With only 10 men Sevilla FC commenced a fabulous comeback that started with a goal by NEGREDO in the 63rd min, followed by a second from ESCUDE in the 74th min & the third via NEGREDO in the 79th min with a great goal.

Negredo scores for Sevilla FC

But Deportivo were not dead yet, & in the 88th min LAURE scored the equalizer for Deportivo that brought immediate protests from Sevilla claiming off-side. The goal stood & the result finished in a draw. Deportivo would be upset to have allowed Sevilla back in the game with 10 men & vice-versa for Sevilla as they lose 3 valuable points that takes them away further from  Euro places. 

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