Woke up this morning & found some interesting news & specualtion concerning possible loans, transfers & signings coming out of Spanish Sports daily "AS" in reference to REAL MADRID CF. The "Winter Transfer Market" ends the 31st of January & Clubs are making their last minute moves & deals.

Apart from this, the mentioned Sports daily speculates on the future set up of the Real Madrid squad for season 2011 - 2012 which is interesting & will be better explained in point form below.

Real Madrid CF
Chess: A game of strategy.

At REAL MADRID Coach José Mourinho seems to have won his personal "arm fight" with Club Director General Jorge Valdano & has greater influence & power in the Football - Sporting area. Thus his decisions will be important & decisive. With this in mind here are all the "juicy" speculations being written on the future of the Spanish Football Club:

1. CHELSEA FC has asked for the LOAN ( with an option of a buy ) of Real Madrid midfielder PEDRO LEON & the solicitation comes specifically from Carlo Ancelotti. It is expected that Real Madrid will give the English Club an answer during the course of the day. Lastly, staying with loans Greek Club AEK ATHENS has solicitated the loan of young promise & defender MATEOS

2. Cocah Mourinho has already planned to take up the option of the 17.5M€ buy of newly loaned player EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR. Barring unplanned circumstances ( Mourinho leaves, Adebayor drastically fails in coming months etc), the striker is here to stay & wil be the Clubs Number Nine. 

3. KARIM BENZEMA will be sold at the end of the season & thus raise money for a BIG "star" signing.

4. Atletico de Madrid Argentine forward SERGIO AGUERO will be that star & Real will pay his 45M€ contract release clause.

5. With Adebayor & Aguero at the Club , Real Madrid will not - obviously - sign Athletic de Bilbao forward FERNANDO LLORENTE

All these points have been published by the Spanish Football paper & at this point are PURE SPECULATION. Hundreds of unforseen variables may occur from here to the 30th of June that could throw all of the above into the rubbish bin. I insist,  this is one local media source looking into the future solely based on "insider" information that could be credible or could be just plain bullshit.

Therefore, stay tuned for further moves as this "CHESS GAME" continues in coming months.  

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