I heard the news on Friday & could not believe it, REAL MADRID wanted to recoup RUUD VAN NISTELROOY as their Number Nine for the rest of the season & thus be the substitute for Higuain. I frankly did not have words or even motives to figure out this “surreal” manoeuvre from Real Madrid. Today with some days of wondering I do have some personal comments that can only explain this comedy as very bad planning & management at the Spanish Club.

Real Madrid CF
Van Nistelrooy farewelled end of season 2009-2010

Although the ex-Real Madrid player will soon be 35 years of age, Van Nistelrooy has not lost the goal touch or the hunger as he is proving this season in the Bundesliga & with HAMBURG. The player is a natural “goal square killer” & possibly the Best Number Nine to run on a Football field since Marco Van Bastan; all class & full of art. Thinking coldly, the idea of recuperating Van Nistelrooy for Real Madrid may not be such a bad idea. The player knows the Club, knows the current players, ends contract & is currently a free agent, would accept a secondary role, Mourinho approves, the Real Madrid fans love him & fits the Clubs prerequisites of a “band-aid” six month solution. As mentioned on other occasions here, Real Madrid will sign a World Class Striker at the end of the season the correct moment when the Club will make its huge investment & the hot names are Fernando Llorente ( 30-35M€ At Bilbao) or Sergio Aguero ( 40M€ At. Madrid).

However, putting aside the idea of Van Nistelrooy & whether its good or not, the situation is very alarming at Real Madrid & the entrepreneurial & organizational image being projected is of complete incompetence. Allow me to analysis some points:

1. The arrogance. Real Madrid sell Van Nistelrooy to Hamburg – apart the Club that gives Van Nistelrooy another chance at top level Football - & Real Madrid decide unilaterally one day to take back from Hamburg a player that has become vital for them upfront & at the moment their only true forward. How must Hamburg feel? Yes, its a good chance for the German Club to get some money for a "free agent" player, but it would leave them wounded as a team the rest of the season. Latest is that Hamburg has said NO ( for now) & some sources ( Mundo Deportivo) claim the German Club wants 3-4M€. Costly "band-aid solution".

2. Incompetent pre-season planning. Real Madrid has a General Manager Jorge Valdano, a Football Manager in Miguel Pardeza & a Institutional Manager in Emilio ButrageƱo.
All three are ex-Real Madrid players with vast experience in the Football World whom apart from this have extra teams of advisors & experts to complement their office. Didn´t they see this happening? No one took this 2011 situation as a possibility? In fact, Coach Mourinho warned in August 2010 that the Club was seriously handicapped & was risking going in to the season with just two forwards (Higuain & Benzema)

3. Club organizational fiasco. When Gonzalo Higuain was diagnosed with a back disc-hernia - late Nov early Dec 10 - the controversy & debate was which treatment to receive a) conservative rest & possible recovery in 4 weeks or b) operation & out of play 3 months. The “medical experts” gave false hopes to Higuain who naturally decided to cling to hope & not be operated. This eliminated the option of signing a Number Nine for the “Winter Market”, a forward Mourinho was screaming for & had a player ready: Almeida. On the return from his Xmas holidays Gonzalo Higuain had not bettered & the Operation option was now the only road. Result,  out all season & the sudden urge & need to sign a forward in a European Market that was fall of costly “left overs” that did not fit the Club profile.

What has happened? Why this urgent need? Why this image of amateur improvisation from a Club who claims to be the “Biggest in the Football World”. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez is one of Spain’s & Europe’s big Business Men running one of Europe’s biggest construction companies. Would he allow this sort of goings on with Real Madrid in his ACS Construction Empire? Certainly not?

It is clear that perhaps President Florentino Perez should think about cleaning up the house at the end of the season & getting rid of some professionals who are not up to the levels needed of management & organization at Real Madrid. Someone or some people ( directives, medical staff, advisors...etc) need to be held responsible for this whole sign now, it’s off, no signing, thinking about it & yes we will go for Van Nistelrooy episodes. Makes you wonder: why did Real Madrid sell Van Nistelrooy (& Raul) in the first place?

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