REAL MADRID is in turmoil,   & using a Spanish saying,  the Club is washing their dirty laundry in public. The very latest is the public “tennis match” of bickering & sly undertone comments being flung via the Spanish Media between Club Director General Jorge Valdano & Coach José Mourinho

I posted my views last Sunday here “REAL MADRID - RUUD VAN NISTELROOY | SIGNS OF BAD PLANNING BAD MANAGEMENT BAD ORGANIZATION” that gives a birds eye view of things that may be worth a read to put you into context; but yesterday Coach Mourinho ended his “heated” Press Conference answering a question to “Why are you so heated today” with …“…because I wish to leave”.

Real Madrid 2011
Mourinho - Valdano

The immediate reaction from those present & watching the TV was that Mourinho wanted to leave the Press Conference, however some press journalists ( Spanish TV Intereconomia, AS…etc) did some investigative calls to “close insiders” & then ran the news that Mourinho is in fact thinking in LEAVING REAL MADRID at the end of the 30th of June . In fact his contract has a release clause that would allow him to do this but at a cost of between 15-20M€ that he would have to pay Real Madrid.

Apparently the relationship between himself & Director General Jorge Valdano is at its limit & some interpret yesterdays comments as a “threat” &/or “me or Valdano” message to Real Madrid President Florentino Perez. According to the Spanish journalists in the “Mourinho wishes to leave Camp” the Portuguese Coach feels the Club is not backing him 100% & that Jorge Valdano has not the “stuff” to convince the Club President: the latter being a barrier & an obstacle instead of a contributor of value.

What is obvious to the "layman" - myself included - is that there is a clear power struggle & that two “continental plates” are moving to find their places & are causing tremendous “tremors & quakes” within the Club. I doubt that Mourinho really desires to leave the Club at the end of the season & has thrown a “threat” to win over the social – fans base against Valdano to put on more pressure. I will not be surprised if on the weekend certain sectors of the crowd at “Santiago Bernabeu” start shouting “anti-Valdano” chants & lifting opposition signs.

Real Madrid knew before signing José Mourinho what he was all about & knew the dangers inherent in his hiring as Coach. The Clubs needs to win titles at all costs & quickly - away from FC Barcelona - was the trade-off as Real Madrid "sold their soul" to the “Devil”. But what has not been said too much is that the FC BARECLONA 5 – 0 demolition of REAL MADRID in November 2010 has shook the foundations at the Madrid Club & has affected the “Real Madrid psyche” with doubts & with future uncertainty that has infected every level from the "Top Offices", Staff, Coach & the players.

What solutions are there? I see two:
1. Positive results & victories that will lead to some title this year. If the results are bad & no titles come, we will witness an “explosion” at the Club.
2. That Mourinho will take his “poker threat” to the limit & actually leave the Club at the end of the season …if Valdano does not depart earlier.

But this is pure speculation as there is "centuries" between now & the end of the season & things may well be solved positively.

Stay tuned as things are going to get exciting in coming weeks & months. Tonight we have the first test with the 2º leg of the Spanish Cup Quarter-Final against Atletico de Madrid. Real Madrid is expected to capitalise on its 3 – 1 1ºst leg advantage, but if Atletico win & knock out Real Madrid ?

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