Its official, CRISTIANO RONALDO gets transferred to Italian Club JUVENTUS FC for 105M€ (or 112M€ with commissions & extras). So its GOODBYE Cristiano Ronaldo & thanks for your 9 years in Spanish Football. Said this, its a relief, now we can move on to bigger & better things. 

Real Madrid transfers to Juventus FC

The fact is, that there was no fan manifestations hailing Real Madrid President Perez to stop the transfer. Most ( not all ) have become tired of the Ronaldo antics & yearly ego-trips & demands (demands always given by the Club). Yes, everyone is grateful & thanks the opportunity to have witnessed such Football talent. Real Madrid fans will have to recognise that the last few UEFA Champions League titles are thanks to CR7 in great part. The Portuguese star has craved a place in Real Madrid History as one of the Clubs greatest players.

Said this Cristiano Ronaldo says farewell with only a letter... a solitary letter. Coward.

What was really needed was to face the press & show your face to explain to everyone why you have decided to leave the Club. The fans & supporters deserve at least an explanation. However, many are not surprised, again the character of Ronaldo shines through brightly me , only me & me again. 

The "Goodbye Letter" transmits emotions & the desire to find new goals. Ronaldo admits he asked the Club to let him go & says thank you to everyone. This is the official line, the truth is that:
  • his legal tax problems locally - 15M€ due to the tax office - weight heavily,
  • the salary of Messi (40M€), Neymar (36M€) & Grizmann (23M€) outweight his of 21M€
    This lead to a "mini revolt" that lead later to alleged promises that were broken by Club etc & etc. The lastest is that Real Madrid equalled the Juventus FC offer of 30M€... you make up your own opinion.
  • The possible coming of Neymar JR "hurt the ego". Ronaldo felt that his time was up as the most brightest star & that the possible coming of younger stars was not making him comfortable.
The truth, the real truth is that there is no single individual bigger than the Club. Real Madrid has members (paying members) as the true owners. This institution has survived more than 100 years & seen hundreds of Footballers , huge Stars, come & go. Cristiano Ronaldo will probably be surprised to see how Real Madrid continues operating the same or better after his exit.

So thanks & goodbye. Good luck with your next Club. Lets move onto newer & exiting developments in Spanish Football in coming days & weeks

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