Spanish TV via "La Sexta" channel & its afternoon "Sports News" has confirmed that CRISTIANO RONALDO will be leaving REAL MADRID CF. This news complements Italian news sources that JUVENTUS has made an offer that it seems has been accepted by Real Madrid & thus opens the door for Ronaldo to play in "Serie A" next season.

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid for Juventus FC

The details of the operation are the following; Juventus will pay Real Madrid 100M€ in concept of a transfer fee, while Juventus offers Cristiano Ronaldo 30M€ per season for a 4 year contract. The Portuguese star has commented to close sources that he will accept their offer & now awaits Real Madrid keeps their part of the deal

The 33 year old forward adds that it has nothing to do with money leaving Real Madrid, in fact the Spanish Club has equalled the Italian offer as the player too solicited an improvement. It has to do with the need to find a new stimulus & Ronaldo feels his "cycle" at Real Madrid has come to an end.

Months back Ronaldo voiced his "feelings" of leaving Real Madrid to President Perez & the Club responded that if they received an acceptable offer the Club would not put any impediments or barriers for an exit. The player is recognized as the most important & greatest Player to pass through the Club in the "modern era", Ronaldo for many has eclipsed Alfredo Di Stefano, thus the Club is empathic to the Ronaldo respuests.

The Juventus offer was already on the tables before the Champions League Final in Kiev & Cristiano Ronaldo looked favourably thanks to the Italians Club fans who rose & applauded his performance at Turin that included his now famous "overhead" goal in Champions League Q/Final. 

Real Madrid will now be looking to shut the deal & organize a huge goodbye event with all the fanfare that their Champion & Star deserves after 9 years ( & 4 Champions League plus 4 FiFA Golden Ball Awards) of brilliant service.

The news is not 100% official but the source is viable & traditionally spot on. However, one cannot help think that the above is the "official goodbye story" & that there is more to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo than meets the eye. 

One unofficial said factor that could be crucial is the "obsessive" interest by Real Madrid for Brazilian NEYMAR. Real Madrid refuted a news piece yesterday that stated a massive 310M€ offer to Paris St Germain & a 45M€ / season contract for Neymar...a record breaker. It is obvious to all that Real Madrid sees in Neymar the "new Star", their "new Marketing & Income generator" & their key to future titles success.

Added to the above MBAPPE has also again entered the Real Madrid orbit & there are rumours that the French International & PSG youngster can be a target as he was last year.

In both cases, it is not strange to think, that both Neymar &/or Mbappe would look more favourably in accepting a Real Madrid offer if Cristiano Ronaldo was no longer at the Club to soak up all the spotlights. Both will demand to be starters in all matches & too many roosters in the hens den always leads to trouble.

Stay tuned the following days & weeks!

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