Since Portuguese Sports daily "A Bola" announced days ago that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo had decided to leave the Spanish Football Club all World Sports papers can´t stop putting on front page & analysing the story these days.

Cristiano Ronaldo is being accused of tax fraud of around 14.7-15 M€ by Spanish tax authorities of evading image rights income generation the last few years. This is big biscuits for you & me, but relative "peanuts" for the likes of World Sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo. The only bad, & worrying news is, that there is a jail term associated with the accusation.

Said this, the last couple of years Spanish Football who have been full of similar incidentes & accusations of tax fraud: Lionel Messi, Neymar, Xabi Alonso, Mascherano... all practically finished in "out of court" agreements-settlements & upfront payments to the Tax department of the millions of Euros in question. Things look like, beforehand, that the Cristiano Ronaldo case will go down the same road & finish up the same way. So why the desire to leave Real Madrid & in doing so Spain?  

Spanish Football

Few reasons being talked:
  • Innocence - Ronaldo claims he has done nothing wrong. In fact he claims he has followed all the guidelines. The player sees this as a "publicity stunt".
  • The lack of "real" support from Real Madrid - Ronaldo feels Real Madrid is not doing enough to help steer away these accusations.
  • The problems starts from Real Madrid - when he signed he gave the Spanish Club 50% of all image generated income, thus its a Club problem. Plus when he signed there existed the "Beckham Law" ( low tax regimen for foreign players) that later changed & Real Madrid promised to solve in a "mix salary formula". Apparently it did not come forth.
  • Desires a new Club to finish off his career. He has always stated he desires to return to Manchester United. Also there is a story that in Cardiff during the Champions League final, his manager Mendes spoke with Paris St Germain reps.
Latest news is that Cristiano Ronaldo has already taken the decision & this is the real thing.

That´s media. The reality is that the Portuguese star is angry, very angry, & as any person upset is talking all sorts of things, including nonsense or perfectly planned "smoke-screen" strategy. His manager Mendes is a crafty "old fox" & wants to put gasoline onto the fire to pressure Real Madrid to pull all the strings necessary for his player. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez is a very influential Spanish industrialist with friends at the highest level of Spanish authorities & government. Normal to see the Spanish Prime Minister or Cabinet members (political, judicial, business elite...) sitting next to him on match days sharing a chat or two.

But there is more to suggest this is a "baby rage". Cristiano Ronaldo is already part of the Best Football Club in the World currently, will he go down the ladder? Doubt it? The players contract release clause is 1.000M€, no one or Club can pay it. Plus Real Madrid will not sell for less that 150-170M€ the next Golden Ball winner.

Although Football is full of surprising turns, I believe that Roanldo will calm down after his Summer vacations, & all this all will be sorted out in the back rooms in a negotiated (& private) matter, as like Messi & Neymar cases.

There is nothing like a few threats to get things done & moved, apart from selling lots & lots of papers.

Stay tuned!

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