Spanish Football Club Atletico de Madrid eliminated tonight German Club Bayern Munich from the Champions League competition to win a place in the Final. The final result of the 2º leg return match of the Champions League semi-final was 2 - 1 for Bayern Munich, but the away goal & the 2 - 2 aggregate result was enough for Atletico.

Hard fought out match with two clear heroes for Atletico de Madrid, goalkeeper Oblak who stopped a penalty from Muller in the 1º st half & Antoine Griezmann who scored the goal away worth double in the 53rd min.

At Madrid champions league

It was obvious that Bayern Munich would go all out to get the result & the tie. The Germans boxed in the Spaniard most of the 1º st half with a Xabi Alonso free-kick goal in the 30th min included. Shortly after while Bayern was on a roll a penalty was called in the 33rd min. Muller had the chance to put the semi-final firmly in the hands of the Germans but Oblak stopped it, or Muller failed. Either way it was an important turning point that was to change the course of things around.

At Madrid vs Bayern munich

In the 2º half Atletico Coach Simeone made his "master move" & decision, to take off a defensive midfielder Augusto & put on an attacker Carrasco. Atletico changed from 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3 system which made Bayern move back more within their area. Atletico had decided to change from defending exclusively to take the game in the German area. The move paid off when Griezmann combined with Griezmann in a 1 - 2 touch action that left the French alone with only Neuer to beat, which he did in the 53rd min to score.

The away goal now forced Bayern to score twice if they were to survive, & the Bayern attacks began again its advances. Ribery was dangerous, Alaba was outstanding, Vidal a nuisance but very active & Lewandowski always dangerous. Atletico sinned by again falling back in defence to wait for Bayern & they paid a second German goal when Alaba found the head of Vidal who headed into the path of Lewandowski in the 73rd min. 

Nervous & tense moments, Atletico was brave enough to attack a tiring Bayern defence which committed penalty on Fernando Torres in the 83rd min (fouled by Martinez). However, Fernando Torres had his penalty attempt stopped by Bayern Munich goalie Neuer & the Germans were still alive. 

The remaining 10 mins was Bayern attacks after attack, but At. Madrid held firm till the final whistle to go into the Champions League final.

Tomorrow we will know the other finalist when Real Madrid hosts Manchester City in their 2º leg return semi-final.

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