Sergi Busquets escapes the limelight, plays his Football almost unnoticed to the average spectator, but is currently the "Best Nº5 in World Football. Football observers agree, without Messi Spanish Football Club FC Barcelona can continuing winning matches as proven during the Argentine´s last prolonged injury period, while without Busquets the team suffers & loses. 

FC Barcelona

Sergi Busquets is the bridge between the defence & the forward line & the first to defend & the first to initiate the attacks. He is simply the equilibrium point, the balance & the bidding force of all the parts. So much for a player who withdraws into a second plane when it comes to flash-lights, TV cameras & signature obsessed fans. The players is basically essential.

News is that "Camp Barça" is nervous, while Europe´s elite Clubs are hoovering over Busquets in an attempt to lure the midfielder away & into their squads. Ex- Barça Coach Pep Guardiola who will leave Bayern Munich next season for Manchester City is already making moves on the player. So is Manchester United & Paris St Germain which are opening up their cheque books. 

To animate the situation it is written that Busquets is upset & not happy with FC Barcelona & their handling of the ongoing contract renewal negotiations. This situation gives hopes to pretenders & makes many at FC Barcelona nervous. 

My opinion is that it will be extremely difficult to convince Sergi Busquets to move away from Barcelona. In the end both parties will find a way towards an agreement. However, Football is unpredictable & stranger things have happen in the past.

Stay tuned!

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