Fans of fishing will tell you that in rough waters the "biting" is best. Currently Spanish Football Club Real Madrid is experiencing its own "rough waters" after some poor exhibitions in Liga, especially after last Saturday´s defeat against Atletico Madrid. A loss that puts the Club behind current Liga leaders FC Barcelona by 9 points! 

Many observers & Club insiders have accepted that the Liga title is too far beyond reach, & that the only hope for any glory this season is the always very difficult "Champions League". 

Real Madrid

As usual fans, media & Club directives need reasons to explain the situation, or the evaporation of all earlier hopes. The debate is wide open with many ongoing & unsolved reasons on the table for discussion along with new factors that can also explain the Real Madrid slump. Nothing like a losing run to bring out the "ghost" from the cupboard or the "shit" from under the carpet. 

Bad pre-season planning, too many injuries, lack of physical preparation, bad Coach, poor Club management, lack of will from the players, no motivation... take a pick & you may be correct. 

Within these factors two names, two players have jumped into the spot-light. According to media sources, habitually due to interested filtered motives, midfielders James Rodriguez & Isco are no longer untouchable, that is, Real Madrid is open to hear offers. Both are not "living up" to expectations this season & are under the microscope. 

Isco is said to have Italian Club Juventus already aiming their arrow & apparently have made a first offer of 30M€ to Real Madrid. An offer short of the true market price but may be lifted as summer approaches. Lets not forget that Isco has been in the list of other big Clubs in past seasons especially from the English Premier League. 

Stay tuned for developments (not forgetting James Rodriguez).

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