The Spanish Arbitrary Tribunal for National Football has decided to eliminate Real Madrid from the Spanish Cup for lining-up & starting with a team that included a player that was sanctioned, that is, the player in question had accumulated yellow cards from the previous participation in the Spanish Club when at Villarreal last season. 

The player is Denis Cheryshev, he claims no one communicated the situation to him, Coach Rafael Benitez & his staff claim they did not know, while Real Madrid Directives & President Perez claim the Club was not notified. 

Real Madrid

However, they were, & are faxes which puts water over the Real Madrid claims. What has occurred is that somewhere along the communications line things broke down. 

Cadiz the team which Real Madrid played in the 1º st leg of the Spanish Cup protested officially, & thus the case was seen today by Competition Authorities in which they sentenced a guilty verdict & elimination from the Spanish Cup.

Naturally & expected Real Madrid will appeal & if needed take it to SAT (World Court of Sports); what else can they do?

This event is gaining mega-proportion & dimensions, being Real Madrid its expected. But what is worst is the terrible image given by a World Class Football Club which prides itself as the Best,  & doing things in an immaculate manner. The media has ridiculed the Club, FC Barcelona & their players a publicly laughing their heads off & while President Perez is facing a severe image problem & fans backlash. The guilty-elimination verdict from the Spanish Cup will see heads fly.

In the firing line is Coach Benitez who has a history in this type of incidences. It occurred to him when Coach of Valencia CF, did the same against Levante, & Valencia was found guilty & eliminated from the Spanish Cup. Benitez claims he did not know about Denis Cheryshev, he may be right, but he should have known.

Had this occurred to any other Spanish Club, it would have passed by. But being Real Madrid the thunder will be loud along with the lighting. Its another slap in the face for Real Madrid which is having a bad run these last weeks, very embarrassing & damaging the their image. Lets see what happens in the coming weeks.

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