The names Radamel Falcao & Angel Di Maria have sounded heavily all summer within the Spanish Football Sports media & particularly linked with Real Madrid. The first for his "obsessive desire" to play at Real Madrid & the latter for his wish to leave said Club. Connected fates, Real Madrid for both & the some representative Jorge Mendes who will play his part.

The end result, Falcao saw his dream shattered & ended up in Manchester United, & Di Maria left but admitting he did not want to leave but pushed out. In both cases, both players have "spewed" some bad blood towards Real Madrid & seem to be expressing their ill-feeling. Their disappointment is obvious, the fact is Real Madrid did not fold to their demands, & in some sense their "black-mail".

So what happened to shatter dreams? Money. The Di Maria case was obvious, the Falcao case was indirectly, a badly played strategy.


Manchester United has now Radamel Falcao, a loan that will turn into a +60M€ buy-out next season. The arrival announcement from the player to English Press was that "he dreamt of playing at Manchester United". This has made many laugh here in Spain & illustrates the "white-lies" syndrome that most Football players are afflicted. If your a Man Utd. fan, don´t hold it against the man, but it was never the objective to end up at Manchester.

The number one objective of Falcao, his true dream & desire of was always Real Madrid. The player & his representative did everything to get Real Madrid to sign the Colombian. They applied daily pressure & media manipulation in Italian, French, Portuguese & Spanish Sports press to keep the pressure on. The players inner circle even manipulated social media channels announcing "news" that Real Madrid had signed the player to later eliminate the comment & claim they were hacked. 

The truth is that Real Madrid & Coach Ancelotti did not want Falcao. Not the profile needed, the team does not play to wingers crosses into a heading centre forward. Karim Benzema is their chosen Centre Forward, the Frenchman is undisputed & with a more creative, back playing & setting up wingers profile. The team did not wish a "super star" - Falcao - to ruffle the dressing room feathers with sitting on the bench whining & a huge super salary. All this plus a recent knee injury that placed "doubts", even Man Utd. made Falcao pass twice a medical exam due to his knee before announcing his signing.

Falcao could have ended up earlier in Real Madrid, but chose Monaco for the money, 14M€ a year. This is a fact.

The truth is that the player is not being to honest about things with his comments - & his fathers comments to media. The tragedy for Falcao is that his decisions again will not allow him to be seen in any European competition indicating at the very least, bad strategic planning. Or does it? He does have his money after all.


Lastly talking about money & "dishonesty", we have been delivered on a nearly daily basis personal comments from ex Real Madrid player Angel Di Maria with certain "nastiness" aimed at his ex Club. The now Manchester United player expressed in a "bitter" letter to Spanish media & again in media interview that:
  • he never wished to leave Real Madrid,
  • it had to do about being appreciated & valued by the Club,
  • that he was pushed out by Club Directives, especially Club President Perez.
The truth is, that Angel Di Maria wanted 8M€/year salary & the Club offered 6M€. Added to this the Argentine did not look at favourably the arrivals of Gareth Bale & later James Rodriguez with better fanfare, salary conditions & ... more competition for the midfield positions. What is also conveniently forgotten by the player were the continual "poker stances" with the Club, a deliberated "go slow" attitude on the field to pressure for his demands, & messages to the Real Madrid stadium & their members with "touch my balls" gestures & sobbing substitutions gestures. Overall not very professional.   

In both cases this summer - Falcao & Di Maria - Real Madrid was being pressured by their shared representative Jorge Mendes who distorted Sporting contacts & Football media around Europe to manipulate public opinion - especially the Real Madrid fan base - to give into his players demands.  In the end Real Madrid chose to stand firm, sanitize their financial balance sheets & send a clear message internally that no player is bigger than the Institution, the Club will not be "pressured". 

I finish with those other players who recently attempted a similar "dangerous" strategy of pushing Real Madrid to the limits & lost. The names of ex Real Madrid players like Robinho, Higuain & Ozil - just to mention three - comes to mind, players that have now lost World Football exposure & prestige. Their inner circles claim "in privately" that perhaps they made the wrong decision. They did get their money of course, but left the biggest Club in World Football. They decided to step down from the Football Olympus voluntarily after dedicating their Football life to achieve it. Falcao was close & Di Maria may join the long list of players full of later regrets. The money will soften the blow, but we the public need to be "smart" enough to distinguish between reality from player manufactured illusions. A practice as old as the devil himself.

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