In Football nothing is impossible, & with Real Madrid it seems the slogan is the same. What started as a media driven clamour has turned into a real transfer possibility according to the major Football papers. Yesterday French daily "L´Equipe" wrote that Monaco & Colombian International JAMES RODRIGUEZ was very close to signing for Real Madrid CF. In fact, the French paper speculated that next Monday could be the day that things could be official. 

Today Spanish Sports daily "Marca" gives details of the negotiations. Real Madrid & James Rodriguez have an apparent agreement which consists of a 5 year contract at 8M€/season. According to the same source Monaco & Real Madrid are negotiating with the former asking for 85M€ while the latter offers 75M€. Thus the front cover of today's "Marca" saying "...just 10M€ away from Madrid".  Other media sources add that Real Madrid could include a player in the operation to lower the Monaco price, like goalkeeper Diego Lopez, but I personally doubt that Lopez will accept. However, if Real Madrid signs Keylor Navas - Levante & Costa Rica goalie - they may offer Navas out to Monaco on loan for a season. An interesting option which may interest. 


The possibilities of James Rodriguez landing at Real Madrid depends on Argentine International Angel Di Maria being transferred. Real Madrid Coach Ancelotti is against selling Di Maria but the player is determined to leave after the Spanish Club refuses to lift his economic conditions. The Argentine has offers with Paris St Germain apparently a firm candidate with a 60M€ + offer that would go to buy James Rodriguez from Monaco.

But there are more signs that indicate a James Rodriguez signing by Real Madrid as published by Spanish Sports paper "AS":

  • Real Madrid has assigned a room at "Valdebebas" (their training HQ) already to James Rodriguez, room 110 between Benzema (Nº9) & Bale (Nº11),
  • James Rodriguez will have the Nº10 on his shirt,
  • Real Madrid is currently looking for a home for James Rodriguez & his family in Madrid.
The transfer will be official once Real Madrid announce officially the transfer of Angel Di Maria.

As you can read (& see) things have raced since we first speculated a possible Real Madrid interest for James Rodriguez. In fact it looks a certain reality & a question of days. Stay tuned! 

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