Spanish International midfielder Xabi Alonso has always been a "no bullshit man". Characterised by his straight to the grain views & opinions his post Chile comments has caused bad feeling within the Spanish Team Camp.

When Xabi Alonso was asked by media, before leaving the "Maracana Stadium" after losing its second Group match 0 - 2 to Chile & thus being eliminated, to why he thought Spain sank & played so badly, the player said that basically the Spanish squad had lost its "hunger" & "motivation" apart from being physically under prepared.  Nothing controversial if you watched both the Holland & Chile games, it was obvious that Xabi said some honest truths.

Straight after his press appearance team-mates Iniesta & Torres came out to say the "contrary" claiming that the hunger "to win" was always present. Today in press Conference Santi Cazorla joined them to claim that the "motivation to win" is present.  

Spain Football Team

Spanish Sports journalists, who are following the Spain Football Team & have close access to players & staff, go further in their press stories to say that Xabi Alonso is isolated & that he practically has a non-existent relationship with Xavi Hernandez, Busquets, Pique , VIlla & Iker Casillas. One source claims a "player" made the comment that "Alonso has always gone his own particular way". Selector & Coach Del Bosque - as seen in the above picture - had some words with Alonso at training were we assume he too voiced his "disappointment" with his post-Chile comments & for perhaps not following the "team line". Saying the team is not in form & not motivated obviously affects the job of Del Bosque.

Already the there are direct (outside) effects & ripples, as Real Madrid team-mate & personal friend Alvaro Arbeloa place a tweet that said, the the truth hurts while lies are more useful to save admiration. Remember Arbeloa was dropped from the Spanish National Football Team for this World Cup , & insiders claim it was because players from the "Barça clan" had "black-banned" the player. 

Harsh accusations but there is nothing like losing & a Football disaster to undo the glue & make the shit explode. The crap within the Spanish Football Team has been smelling for sometime, while the RP experts of the team - Del Bosque included - worked hard to perfume the atmosphere & make us all believe it was all roses. 

It all goes back to the fierce Real Madrid-FC Barcelona clashes two-three years back under Coach Mourinho were the games were "on field battles". The FC Barcelona players & the Barça Spanish Internationals have never forgiven Xabi Alonso (nor Arbeloa) for the fierce tackling & defence of José Mourinho. The relationship between the mentioned players turned to ice,  while in the Spanish Football Team it was "for the good of the team", a practical rational. At the Club level, Real Madrid, Alonso (& Arbeloa) also defended Mourinho & his decision to sit Iker Casillas, & the later has never forgiven them for this. In fact, Arbeloa does not talk with Casillas & Xabi looks at Casillas as a "professional" obligation.

The truth is the Xabi Alonso detractors have very little arguments as they themselves played horrendously & are totally out of form. Xabi Alonso was not to good either & made his own crucial mistakes, but the events & the circumstances has reopened wounds & bad vibes with the shit flying around once again.

The remaining days at the Spanish Team HQ in Curitiba will be a "nightmare" for the squad. There is little motivation or desire to play their last match against Australia with most wanting to leave asap to fly back home & leave this World Cup behind. The fact is that profound changes within the Spain Football Team will came, & many of those wounded by the Xabi Alonso truths should perhaps do their service to the squad & leave their place to more ambitious & hungrier young Spanish Football Talents. Xabi Alonso is included in that list, but all that he voiced was what the Football World saw for themselves on the TV.

Selector & Coach Del Bosque perhaps should consider moving aside as he was a silent witness & "a sweeper" that placed all the shit under the carpet for so long. His management has not been enough & his motivational skills has not been on show.

Stay tuned for more flying shit coming out of the Spain Football Team in coming days & weeks. We will be surprised.

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