Firstly, congratulations to Real Madrid CF for winning their 10th UEFA Champions League (European Cup) after defeating Atletico de Madrid 4 - 1 in extra time yesterday in the Final at the "Estadio da Luz Stadium" in Lisbon Portugal.

Epic goal from Sergio Ramos in the last moments to take the match into extra-time after Atletico de Madrid was leading 0 - 1 which virtually had the title in their hands. The disappointment of watching the title slip & a fresher Real Madrid was enough to allow later Bale, Marcelo & Cristino Ronaldo to score the rest of the goals to take the maximum European Football prize.


However, its the last Real Madrid goal that I would like to spend some time & write some words. The above picture sees Cristino Ronaldo celebrate his penalty goal taking the scoreline to 4 - 1 with just minutes left of the extra-time left. This unnecessary form of celebrating yet typical of the Portuguese has received a wave of criticism that has all the reasons to be denounced. That was not all, Real Madrid defender Rafael Varane also showed an "unsportman" & perhaps "arrogant" attitude kicking the ball into the Atletico de Madrid bench which lead to an intense arguement with Atletico de Madrid Coach Simeone. In the Varane case, it can be excused as a mistake given his youth & lack of Finals experience. In the Cristiano Ronaldo case, it wipes off all the marketing & public relations efforts & shows the true Ronaldo as an arrogant & ego-centric personality that keeps him far from a true Football Champion no matter how many goals, titles or FIFA Golden Balls the man may acquire. 

To add context, Cristiano Ronaldo did relatively nothing for 117th min of the match. With his team already 3 - 1 up with three minutes left, it was obvious that Real Madrid had secured & won the title & that the penalty earned by "CR7" was just an extra. The merit exists in scoring the goal, a celebration is totally justified as an expression of joy & release of pressure, but to consciously stop & pose as the "Incredible Hulk" to get some media exposure - perhaps to sell more jocks - & rub more salt into the Atletico wounds was totally unnecessary, totally out of order & very unsportsmanlike

The truth is that Cristiano Ronaldo unmasked himself. The man with his management team & public relations machine continually works to clean up the "ego-rubbish" that their client (Cristiano Roanldo) leaves behind on repeated ocassions. The constant "fabricated" TV coverages of visiting children at Hospitals & charity donations gets flashed down the toilet when their "Star" turns into a "Black-Hole" that sucks in everything around him into his ego centre. 

Total megalomania in the realm of Football, & the highest exponent is Mr Cristiano Ronaldo. The player will retire & history will look back to remember that he had a excellent muscle structure & that he looked great in Armani jocks. However, very few will remember Ronaldo as a true Sportsman, full of elegance & with fair play. Even less, a true Champion of any reference or example to others. 

Perhaps the player can be an interesting case for human behaviour specialists studying the extent of self-esteem taken to the extreme in wild self idolatry.


natenate101 said...

Just remember to mention the unsportsmanlike behavior of your club's coach and players as well. Criticize Ronaldo, he deserves plenty, but recognize that you support bullies like Simeone and cheats like Costa in the same breathe. Maybe your emotions are getting the better of you here, which is why you are so focused on Ronaldo's antics. Your club had one helluva season, but please be truthful and identify the things YOUR club do to stain the game.

Anonymous said...

The attack on Ronaldo is totally uncalled for. Perhaps you see it differently as an Atletico fan but he did nothing wrong. Perhaps he was celebrating a successful season. The man scored so many goals in the Champions League so why wouldn't he celebrate.

Ivo Chula said...

You say he is arrongant, have you ever tried to search a little bit about the work he does outside the field, with terminal children and helping institution? Do you even know his history? He fought a lot to be where he is!
He is the best actual player in the world, i think he can have is moment to be "arrogant", probably if it wasn't for him Real Madrid wouldn't be on the final.

Best Regards

Darren Toomey said...

Ha ha ha sour grapes.

Lee said...

Ronaldo did nothing until the penalty? Hm, I'd argue he collected defenders like a flytrap and opened space for his teammates. I'm a Barca fan but I have respect for Ronaldo for enduring so much craziness from the fans and the general absurdity of the club over the last few years. He just scored and won his biggest victory. When you win you have fun and celebrate. And the Lisbon crowd loved it. Remember how much Ronaldo has suffered coming in second to Messi all these years. Emotion is fine. But it was a heartbreaker and I can understand how you might feel differently. What a great year for Atletico! thanks for all the great reports and posts.

STRIKER said...

Thanks for the emotional comments.

Spanish media add light to the unnecessary CR 7 celebration:

All marketing, the man was filming his movie, CR the movie; & needed a pose from the occasion & for the film.

Says a lot about the player & his true priorities.


Darren Toomey said...

Still bitter?, never mind always next season.

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