I have said it here a couple of times, the future of Argentine star Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona for next season is unclear. There is a continuing "hum" for Barcelona & the Spanish Sports Press that suggest the Barça player is not at all comfortable.

Lionel Messi is not firing on all cylinders, that is, at the level that we have been accustomed to during the past seasons. He looks unhappy, concerned & at times with a "far away" stare that suggests his mind is elsewhere. It is no secret that the "tax avoiding" accusation has touched the player along with his family. Plus there are insinuations that things are not as "smooth" in the Barça dressing room as some may think & let us all to believe.

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The French Club Paris St Germain has apparently already made contact & let known to the Argentine their mega-offer. Speculation puts a salary around the 25M€ / season mark, amazing but as I say, rumour. There is another Club with a keen interest which is Manchester City & according to local Sports papers may go ahead & pay the contract release clause, a astronomical 200M€ to get the player over. This is also speculation but a consistent one that is sounding regularly.

FC Barcelona have already said they will renew the contract of Messi with a substantial jump in his salary. However, there is the question that does arise, where will FC Barcelona find the money? There are comments that insinuate that the bank account at Camp Barça is not too healthy. This would suggest that perhaps some Barcelona directives may look favourably in selling their star if it means depositing 150M€ + figure. Publicly no Directive would admit this although privately some could see it as a "golden opportunity".
Stay tuned! 

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