Real Madrid & French International forward Karim Benzema is back in the news. The reasons are all positive as the player seems to have regained form after a terrible start to the season. So troubling was his "kick off" to the season that the Frenchman lost his place in the National Team & was virtually "on sale" at Real Madrid. 

One could say weeks back that Benzema could not score even at an empty goal, an exaggerated metaphor perhaps, but illustrative of how bad the Striker was in form & with his Football. Apart from this his on field efforts were full of apathy which earned him some severe whistles & fierce criticisms from fans, followers & local media. One could say that Benzema was undergoing his most complex & difficult period of his Football career with half a body out the Real Madrid door.  


Benzema was a virtual "Football Basket Case" which sent the alarms off with the Technical Team & the Club President Florentino Perez who has a certain favouritism towards the Frenchmen. This put into action Real Madrid 2º Coach Zinedine Zidane to become the mentor & psychologist of Benzema & attempt to recoup the "lost forward". The mere presence of Zidane transfers respect & it seems that his friendly advise & tender loving care has worked marvellously. Coach Ancelotti also put his hand in the fire for Benzema & that was an important moral booster.

The forward has lost 5 kilos putting in order his external & on-field life, with extra concentration in training & with lifted effort on the field which has been seen as the return of the "killer goal instinct" that was before absent. Karim Benzema can now say proudly that he currently has 8 Liga goals, 2 in Champions League & 3 with his National Team one of which was important to get them into Brazil 2014.

Good news for Benzema, Real Madrid & fans all round. However, the Frenchman must not fall back to sleep on his laurels - a natural tendency - as there is competition for his place. The local youngsters Morata & Jese are hungry & Real Madrid is rumoured to be still looking around for a "Numbre Nine" with names like Falcao, Sergio Aguero & even Lewandowski sounding which should keep Benzema on his toes.

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