The Barcelona based Sports press has been giving Borussia Dortmund Polish International Forward Lewandowski plenty of attention these days. According to the local press sources Barça Coach Martino has asked for a "pure Striker" - a Number 9 - for the upcoming Winter Transfer Market & Lewandowski maybe the main target. Added to this the speculated transfer price is said by Barcelona media to be 8,5M€. Low? I explain below... Spanish Football.

Lewandoski finishes contract 30th June 2014, & as of the 1st of January 2014 he becomes a "free agent", that is,  he can negotiate with which ever Club he desires & Dortmund receives zero transfer fee. The German Club thus wants to shut a transfer deal before the 1st of Janauary 2014 so at least get some money, even if it is only 8,5M€.

The forward has a pre-agreement with Bayern Munich & all news indicates that Lewandoski wants to play at Bayern Munich, but Munich Coach Guardiola does not consider his signing a priority. The Spanish Coach team set-up & on-field strategy does not contemplate the need for a Centre Forward & the Dortmund player does not see that he will be an important element in the Bayern team or get regular playing time. With this scenario Lewandowski is willing to consider alternative options. 

FC Barcelona has targeted the player & is talking with Borussia Dortmund, this has the Barcelona press excited & contemplating a possible signing at the end of the year. However, Barça is not the only team targeting the Polish International. Manchester City, Chelsea FC , Arsenal & Real Madrid are also "on the ball".

News from "alternative local sources" say that Real Madrid is much more closer than FC Barcelona & may have the lead over their rival. Real Madrid has excellent relations with Dortmund & may include on loan player Sahin in the negotiations. According to Football observers outside Barcelona, Real Madrid does not wish to pay any transfer fee & will wait till the end of the season to seal officially terms & incorporate the player.

To finish, this all all speculation & a lot of Sports press hype at this stage. I will keep an eye on developments as things change quickly in Football with the impossible today turning possible tomorrow. 

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