Spanish Football continued today with four scheduled matches of Liga - Round 12 - with plenty of goals. Here is a brief summary, the final scores-results & all the goalscorers.

Real Sociedad 2013

Real Sociedad continue with their "recovery" overrunning Osasuna 5 - 0 at home. The visitors lost a man to a red card with the scoreline 2- 0 & this opened up the flood gates for Real Sociedad to swarm the visitors. The goals scorers were:

  • Ansotegui 23rd min
  • Iñigo Martinez 47th min
  • Griezmann 56th min
  • Castro 81st min
  • Seferovic 87th min
Convincing victory for Real Sociedad & valuable three points to keep climbing up the ladder.

Spanish Football 2013

Almeria defeated Valladolid under controversial circumstances 1 - 0 with a referee decision which will be analysed  all weekend. Referee Muñiz - famous for "supernatural" decisions" - allowed a 39th min goal by Almeria player Rodri that was in fact a hand-ball. The visitors were outraged & eventually "exploded" losing their palyer Ebert in the 74th min with a red card. Lucky night for Almeria & anger at Valladolid. 

Spanish Football 2013

Extraordinary city of Madrid derby between Rayo Vallecano & Real Madrid, with the former nearly making a heroic comeback that would have travelled around the planet. The first half was all for Real Madrid which went into the dressing rooms 0 - 3, but in the 2º half Rayo Vallecano changed the scoreline 2-3 & could have won the match. Here too a very controversial referee decision occurred when in the 56th min Real Madrid defender Carvajal should have received his second yellow card ( a Red Card ) but was let off the hook & Real Madrid miraculously avoided finishing the rest of the match with 10 men.

Real Madrid started the first half with Xabi Alonso who played well & had Rayo on the back foot dominating proceedings. Real Madrid was deadly in their counter-attacks & punished Rayo Vallecano, especially Gareth Bale who gave two passes of goal. The opener came in the 3rd min by Cristiano Ronaldo - all his work with a runaway spirit - to set things rolling. The second came from a Bale pass that found the head of Benzema in the 31st min with the third in the 48th min by Cristiano Ronaldo from a Bale pass.

Then for some unknown & "mysterious" reason Real Madrid fell apart & were on the back foot ever since until the final whistle. Rayo Vallecano player Viera was fouled in the penalty area by Pepe & he scored in the 53rd min. Then another penalty was committed by Marcelo & Viera scored in the 55th min. From here there was posts to Rayo, a Red Card to Real Madrid defender Carvajal forgiven & Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego Lopez making three important match savers.

Entertaining match indeed but a very close call for Real Madrid which has the bad habit of playing worst when ahead & not being able to finish off their opponents. A situation which leads to unnecessary "suffering" for the team. Final result 2 - 3 to Real Madrid.

Spanish Football 2013

Sevilla FC suffered a loss to Celta de Vigo 0 - 1 which puts local Coach Emery Unai in a complicated position. Sevilla offered a poor image & the local fans whistled them off the ground with some frustrated anger. The winner for Celta came in the 47th min when Alex Lopez took advantage of a very bad goalkeeping mistake from Beto. Celta on the other hand will be relieved & glad that they go back home with three valuable points.

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