Split mid-week Round 6 of Liga continued tonight with three games of Spanish Football scheduled. Here is a quick run-down of events, all the final results - scores along with all the goalscorers.

Liga Spain Football

Granada & Valencia CF played out a 0 - 1 result. Granada had their chances, the opportunity in the 2º half by Brahmi being the most notable, but ...they paid dearly when Jonas scored in the very last moment to give Valencia the victory.

Unfortunately, Valencia CF is in the news for its Football but for all the wrong reasons. The Club has a severe "dressing room" problem that is clearly affecting the play of the team. Defender Rami went on radio yesterday to bad mouth his team-mates as "ass lickers" & poured disrespect on his Coach Djukic. The defender was rapidly sent home & the Club has applied a penalty of suspension of employment & salary.  Valencia is a "time-bomb" awaiting to explode. 

Spanish Football Liga

Sevilla FC needed a win to get much needed oxygen & to relieve tension at the Club. They managed to do so tonight winning 4 - 1 Madrid Club Rayo Vallecano which lost two men to a red cards.

Sevilla got ahead first with a penalty converted by Rakitic in the 16th min. Rayo Vallecano reacted well but Sevilla managed to get a second goal again from Rakitic in the 53rd min. Rayo Vallecano managed to score & be rewarded for their efforts in the 55th min when Adrian scored. However, just when it looked like Rayo could turn things around their defender Galvez & Viera was sent off leaving his team with 9 men. 

This stopped any hopes of coming back & Sevilla sealed things with two goals - 80th & 88nd min - by Bacca

Spanish Football 2013

Elche hosted Real Madrid & made the visitors suffer for the 1 - 2 result. The first half needed three important saves from Real Madrid keeper Diego Lopez & Sergio Ramos a yellow card defending to keep the scoreline clean. Real Madrid looked lethargic & without groove while Elche had some clear chances.

The first Real Madrid goal came from a Cristiano Ronaldo, a free-kick that beat outright the Elche goalkeeper in the 51st min. From here same as the first half, Real Madrid controlling the ball but not being effective at all with it. The visitors nearly paid dearly for not being able to "kill off" the game & their opponents. Elche player Boakye got the equalizer in the 92nd min.

Then the "miracle" for Real Madrid , or an unfair referee decision for Elche. A tussle in the penalty square in the last seconds on Pepe by Elche defender Sanchez was given a penalty & was converted by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 94th min to get the winner. The penalty is doubtful & will be cause of debate tonight & all day tomorrow. 

Real Madrid win by a hair, very lucky indeed. They will meet Atletico de Madrid next Saturday & will have to lift their game if they expect to get points ( or not lose).

Tomorrow the last three games of Round 6 scheduled.

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