Few emails received by readers asking me what is the latest news exactly happening with Real Madrid & Gareth Bale from a local point of view. 

Real Madrid

The following is what we know locally about the situation:
  • Last Wednesday the deal was agreed : 91M€. Apparently Real Madrid, players rep & Tottenham Football Director Baldini , under Levy guidance, shut the deal.
  • Tottenham Hotspurs asked Real Madrid to wait until they secured Willian & Lamela, the substitutes of Bale
  • Basically it was agreed that between last Friday & yesterday things would be made official & Real Madrid can present locally
So what happened?

The main reason: Chelsea FC lured away from Tottenham their initial target Willian on Friday & Lamela of AC Roma is yet to be secured. Tottenham still has not the "substitutes" for Bale.

The news racing out of the UK is that Tottenham Hotspurs has halted the negotiations & that Club President Levy is upset because:
  • Real Madrid prematurely announced the deal was done
  • Real Madrid set up a "stage" at their Stadium for a presentation
  • Bale flew off to Marbella Spain this weekend , where Real Madrid President Florentino Perez was as well. A coincidence, & they never meet.
However, the above claims / reasons are "distorted". Tottenham has deals with big sponsors that previously signed with Bale on-board.  The Club needs to secure Top replacements to keep sponsors happy. Secondly, it was agreed Tottenham will not make things official until they secure substitute replacement. Thirdly, President Levy has an "image" to look after as he wants to keep his "hard man" profile intact in the face of the Club, fans, investors & other Club stakeholders.

Bale obviously is "furious" as he can´t understand why a deal struck last week ( Wednesday ) has been halted. He has pressured more today by not going to training. 

Why has Tottenham said its looking at other offers? Don´t really know. Could be the excuse to win time as they attempt to secure the Bale replacements or raise the price in the last minute. But there is no Club in the World that will surpass the 91M - 100M€ ( depending on payment terms ) being offer by Real Madrid. Plus the player only wishes to play at Real Madrid.
All Football observers locally say that its a done deal. Tottenham is just waiting to secure replacements. As it has always been said here when the first rumours appeared months back between Real Madrid & Gareth Bale, the deal would go right down to the wire, that is, possibly the last day for transfers.

Stay tuned!

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