Everything indicates that the "Mourinho era" at Real Madrid has come to its end. Scorched earth some claim, a created disaster area like a recently passed Hurricane. The "Special One" came to put back the glory back onto Real Madrid & will leave with only a Spanish Cup, Liga & Spanish SuperCup title. Not bad at all for any other Club, but not with Real Madrid that measures success with Champions Leagues titles, none with Mourinho, only three straight semi-finals. This can be debated elsewhere.

The Spanish Cup Final was the "last straw" for many, with a loss & thus a dry season of no titles, a "rude" non-appearance to pick up the runners-up plate in front of the King of Spain, a divided dressing room with player rebellions & a "media war", all further darkening the image of the Club again. I say again because there has been a long string of infamous acts in the last three years with "Mou" ( eye poking Barça Vilanova for example) that have blemished the Club & its History; all in the name of victories, knocking off FC Barcelona & attempting the desired 10th Champions League title. All was fair in war...but why not now?

Everyone blames Mourinho, but what about the Club President that hired him? That same Real Madrid President Florentino Perez that said publicly ..."Mourinho is the Best Coach in the World, a Coach that represents that values of Real Madrid months back? 

Perfect Couple

Today, local media speculate that the Club may actually announce the sacking of Mourinho this Monday or Tuesday. Others say that Mourinho will carry on until the last two Liga matches before announcing a mutual goodbye. Some players will pop Champagne corks along with their allied media partners which have worked so hard to "crush Mourinho", but again, what about the President of Real Madrid? Squeaky clean Florentino Perez , is about to face Club Presidential re-election without opponents. How is this possible under such "devastating" institutional Club turmoil?

Here is my humble theory.

Mourinho let known to President Florentino Perez early this year that he would leave. Both then made a "secret pact" of,  you rub my back & I´ll rub your back. President Florentino Perez with Presidential elections in June had to avoid at all costs being seen as the "bad guy" & thus "suggested" to Mourinho the he become his protective shield,  "the public bad guy" in case of a non title season. Accepting this role Real Madrid would facilitate the departure for Mourinho without much drama & if in the course Mourinho would have won a title,  better for him as he could leave with some pride & honour. Although the last was not possible Mourinho continues with his "Oscar performing role" to shield the President of Real Madrid Florentino Perez.

How do you become the bad guy overnight? How do you make things so to ease the decision to leave or even sacking? You turn against a local idiol, the Spanish International Captain & Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas. This & add Cristiano Ronaldo in the equation who is the masthead of the Club & all the fans. Add the ingredients of some "non appearances" in front of a King , a red card to stay off the bench in coming games,  & you have a tsunami that has levelled the Club & the public claiming his head. Its simple.

The Iker Casillas affair will one day see the true light. There are rumours that Casillas was a "supergrass" to the press wanting to "destabilize"  his Coach which is unacceptable & unprofessional,  if this is true it is correct to punish & I would go further to say leave the Club. Plus the goalkeeper was failing in form so he needed to be motivated.  Cristiano Ronaldo gave two "shits" at the start of the season for Real Madrid with his "I am sad" comments as he - if correct as speculated - wished to leave the Club & go to Paris St Germain & thus had his head elsewhere which lowered his performance. Sergio Ramos was simply playing bad Football & was part of the blame in important defeats in Liga, the man needed a "serious call & notice". The local media which had been "rubbed up the wrong way" since the arrival of Mourinho now had the fuel needed to build an anti-Mourinho campaign & thus finally served their revenge. But is Mourinho really the blame for everything ? If Mourinho was so bad & damaging why did not the President of the Club take action earlier?

Mourinho will go & another Coach will arrive. If things goes well & important players are´nt messed with, everything OK, but if things go bad the players will again dictate the future & affairs of the Club. Yes, the players. Club Presidents as politicians work to stay in power & make sure that the "shit" flys off to hit others. Club Presidents are always "squeaky clean" & very popular.

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