First semi-final of the UEFA Champions League with the 1º st leg match between Bayern Munich & FC Barcelona. The final result a 4 - 0 drubbing by the Germans that virtually gives them a place in the final, barring a "miracle" from FC Barcelona in the return leg. A scenario very unlikely after what was witnessed tonight in the Allianz Arena.

A match that Barcelona will claim has been harsh on them with three of the Bayern goals with possible foul & off-side interpretations. Independently of this fact, Bayern deserved the victory as they outplayed, suffocated Barça & cancelled out all the Barça big names with a tremendous physical effort from players like Javi Martinez, Ribery, Robben & Schweinsteiger...great overall team effort.

Champions League 2013

Plenty of lessons to be taken back to Barcelona by the technical team & especially Coach VIlanova:
  • Mistake in putting on Lionel Messi who was obviously not prepared & still suffering from injury. I realize it is easy to say this after the result, but someone like David Villa or Cesc Fabregas would have been more constructive.
  • Alexis Sanchez should have never played. Non-existent & someone with the hunger of Tello or even David Villa would have been better.
  • Song may have been better than Bartra. The youngster played well but the Barcelona defence lost out on height tonight & paid for it dearly
  • Coach Vilanova did not move "chess pieces" when it was need early in the second half. The Barça Coach was "thought struck" & "frozen".

Champions League 2013

Said this, which I repeat is easy after the result, FC Barcelona was harshly punished with some referee decisions that were dubious to say the least. Yes there was a hand-ball by Barça defender Pique in the penalty area not called, but the first goal by Muller in the 25 minute may have come after Bayern player Dante fouled Alves. It stood & put Bayern on its way. 

Champions League 2013

The second half began with a German team much more determined & stronger & the second goal came in the 49th min from Mario Gomez, a goal that looked off-side that was not called. Bad luck for Barça,  which could have done more to defend, the decision was close.

Champions League 2013

Bayern with two goals up took full control & boxed in Barça to make deadly counter-attacks when Barça lost the ball. The third Bayern goal came from a run-away counter-attack that Robben began & finished in the 73rd min. Again a doubtful goal as Bayern player Muller made a "Basketball" block on Barça defender Jordi Alba that impeded him stopping Robben, a clear foul not called that "rocked" Barça & put Bayern in full sailing mode. 

With Barça physically wiped out & morally wounded the fourth nail in the "coffin" came in the 82nd min with a Muller goal, his second to cap off his night. 

Barcelona Coach Vilanova reacted, late, with David Villa on for Pedro, but the move was hopeless.

Convincing win to the Germans that has them practically in the Champions League Final. The return match at Barcelona is beforehand a formality, Barcelona will have to do the almost impossible if they are to continue in the competition.

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