CHAMPIONS LEAGUE games tonight with SPANISH FOOTBALL Clubs participating in Group C & D. Here are the final results & the goalscorers.

Champions League 2012

MALAGA FC travelled to AC MILAN territory to play their Group C encounter. The Spanish Team continue with their dream run in European Football drawing 1 - 1 with the Italians. Granted that AC Milan is not the side of past years but on their home turf they are a team to still respect.

The final result,  looked at overall is just as it was,  contested while the match swayed throughout. The opener came via Malaga player ELISEU in the 39th min. The Italians fought back & managed the equalizer in the 73rd min via PATO.

Good result for Malaga.

Champions League 2012

Great European Football game between REAL MADRID & BORUSSIA DORTMUND in their Group D match that finished 2 - 2 . Fine team this German side with excellent positioning, very disciplined & quick counter-attacking. The first half was all Dortmund as they frustrated Real Madrid & boxed them in to then counter. The first goal came via German REUS in the 28th min. Real Madrid, with more spirit then play, then won a free kick which found PEPE in the square who got the equalizer in the 31st min. Sigh of relief in the home crowd.

Champions League 2012

Some Real Madrid players were not in fine tune like Modric who started & was out of place on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo who tired all night but was unlucky, Arbeloa was out paced & Higuain who was later substituted with a muscle pull.

The German managed a psychological goal in the 45th min when ARBELOA got an own goal pressured by the Borussia forward. Severe blow for Madrid at this point.

Real Coach Mourinho started the 2ยบ half with changes , beefing up the center with Essien & Madrid looked another thing altogether. An early second half opportunity & "goal" by Madrid sub Callejon was called off-side. On video it looked legitimate.

The main protagonist was then to be the Dortmund goalkeeper Weindenfellar who made three-four amazing saves to keep his team afloat from the Spanish attacking waves. The match continued with Dortmund hanging on & it seemed they would take the victory until a free kick outside the German box was called. OZIL lined up in the 89th min & scored a perfect direct goal that saved Real Madrid & secured the draw.

A close call & very hard worked night for the locals who were pushed around by a very good German team. Borussia secure top spot of the Group & Madrid will be glad with this draw result as it could have been worst. Nice comeback by the Spaniards however who showed fighting spirit & class, just watch the Ozil free-kick! Great game.

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