Geographically the Iberian Peninsula has a frontier ( a political line ) that separates the Nation-states of SPAIN & PORTUGAL. Today Spanish paper "El Confidencial Digital" publishes that his same fact occurs within the REAL MADRID CF dressing room. That there is a Spanish faction lead by Iker Casillas with Sergio Ramos, Arbeloa & Albiol mainly & a Portuguese faction lead by Cristiano Ronaldo with Pepe, Coentrao & Calvalho mainly. 

Spanish Football
Spain-Portugal Map

However, as childish as this many all sound between grown men & Football professionals there is more juicy bits to get your rumour nerve stimulated. Iker Casillas & Cristiano Ronaldo cannot stand each other & their respective girlfriends also are in the act. Some think that Casillas journalist girlfriend , Sara Carbonera, is the "supergrass" ( the whistle blower) of what happens internally in the Real Madrid dressing room.

There´s more, that the "Portuguese Clan" think that the "Spanish Clan" are not thinking Football with their minds elsewhere , while the "Spaniards" believe that Coach Mourinho favours the "Portuguese" sector.

The UEFA prize to FC Barcelona player Andres Iniesta also added salt to the wounds, in this case the Portuguese sector, when the Spanish players expressed their "joy" for their Spanish Natiuonal Team-mate. Lastly, Marcelo ignited the dynamite box when he publicly recognized that he would give the "FIFA Golden Ball" to Casillas. This was seen as "high treason" as Marcelo was a "gang member" of the Portuguese clan. 

Sound childish? Sounds like a bunch of immature, overpaid & selfish pack of ungrateful brats who can´t see the World beyond their "dressing room" lockers. Said this, it could all be an exaggeration & simply "bullshit" the type the media love to play in.

Either way, as I have always said, while the team wins things will roll. It is only when the team loses when all the shit hits the fan. Spanish & Portuguese shit , must smell the same.

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