If your visiting this website from outside Spain, as the majority of the readers of "Spanish Football Sports Blog" do, you may be visiting to find out more about the latest CRISTIANO RONALDO affair,  or "Crisis". In fact it is the only thing that the local Football & Sports media are talking & writing about today, as the post-match words yesterday from the REAL MADRID star that he was "unhappy" has rocked the Club, fans & baffled (bewildered) insiders & observers. 

To put you in the picture, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals yesterday against Granada in Round 3 of "La Liga" match. People noticed that the Portuguese forward did not celebrate his two goals & was logically asked by media for his reasons after the match. The Ronaldo reply was totally "unexpected", as he announced to National media that he was "unhappy" & "sad" & that the Club knew the reasons why. The issues are professional & not personal. This has opened the "Box of Pandora" of speculations & rumours. 

Why is Ronaldo unhappy?
The National Sports & Football late-night media shows ( TV & radio ) did not wait & their journalists began working hard to find the scoop & more "juicy" news. It came to light later as the hours passed, that Ronaldo solicited to have a few words with Real Madrid President Florentino Perez the day before where he told him that ..." I feel  sad & uncomfortable at the Club & that he desired to leave. He expressed he did not want to continue at the Club" .

A Bombshell!

As you can imagine the Club contacted immediately his representative Jorge Mendes to find out if he had received a "super offer" from another Club that Real Madrid did not know about. The answer was NO. Coach José Mourinho is said to also be in the dark, although he does suspect (logical) something is not right. I believe Mourinho knows much more than he lets us think, he shares the players representative Jorge Mendes. Ronaldo s  team-mates when asked were just as surprised as Gonzalo Higuain mentioned..." He looks OK to us". No one apparently knows & thus this is a fertile ground for all types of rumours, speculations & for bad minded tongues.

Real Madrid 2012

The suspected motives are various & let's be honest, without any solid evidence at this moment, they are simply more circumstantial than anything else. However, here is a list of the more popular "reasons" being splashed, voiced & put on the table for debate by our local hungry media:

Problems with Marcelo, who in an interview a month back suggested Iker Casillas deserved  to win the"Golden Ball". In fact, some say Ronaldo stopped speaking to Marcelo weeks back.
That REAL MADRID does not do enough to back him in his quest to be a firm favorite
for this year's "Golden Ball". Real Madrid does not go out publically voicing its preference as Barcelona does with Messi, for example.
He is not "loved" by the Real Madrid fans as much as he deserves, or at least not all appreciated, as he feels he deserves.
The Spanish Football crowds have over the seasons pilled on too much verbal abuse on the field towards his persona which may have taken its toll.
The Real Madrid dressing room & his team-mates do not appreciate him. Possible internal "problems" with the "Spanish Bloc".
He has a massive offer from Paris St Germain  (story from Portugal, there is NO evidence at all)
Real Madrid is taking too long to renew his contract. Other "lesser players" like Albiol, Arbeloa & Higuain have renewed theirs already.
Fabio Coentrao  is being a "bad influence" on Ronaldo ( voiced by Spanish Journalist from "AS" Tomás Roncero)
He wishes that his contract be bettered to be again at the forefront of players like  Ibrahimovic, Rooney, Toure, Torres, Messi & Eto´o  in World Football (this has some true weight behind it )
He has personal problems in the "love" department. 
He is suffering a "deep depression" 
He is frustrated to see others take the World Football limelight like Messi, Iniesta, Xavi etc & etc. Today ex-Real Madrid player Robert Carlos said on radio the Ronaldo is "upset" the Iniesta won the UEFA Best European Player Award.

The list goes on & on, because everyone has an opinion but the main protagonists has not told anyone what his true reasons are, thus humans being humans will fill the vacuum. 

Continuing with the speculations, I am lead to think that the main reasons could well be a mix of all the above mentioned points, this added with his pathological  - & perhaps psychological obsession - to be first & the number one at everything.  Not going to evaluate his childhood or growing years, leave that to a psychologist or a professional. What I am going to evaluate is that, according to inside-journalists  Cristiano Ronaldo apparently cried for 20 mins after the Granada match in the dressing rooms, which may signal that Roanldo is actually undergoing a "deep depression" . If this is so, one can understand the "mental instability" the man is undergoing  at this point where judgment could be blurred.

However, I am a bit more cynical than all this, & I question the timing of his announcement & the man himself who is an "intelligent" self made person in all aspects.  I suspect here a systematic plan & effort to begin a "tussle" of powers within the Club to renew-better his contract & receive a substantial improvement that will equal  his status in World Football ( or surpass ) with the likes of other players like Aguero, Toure, Messi, Rooney, Eto´o or Ibrahimovic in the economic front. This & a firm public acknowledgement from Real Madrid that he is irreplaceable & the main star of the Club. Or even a more bizarre & conflictive desire, that he wishes to be the Captain of the team at the expense of Iker Casillas giving up that role to the Portuguese. With this last point I have no evidence at all, but it would not surprise me at all, as we are talking about a "ego-centric" personality that likes for & strives for the spot-light, or at least this is his public profile.

In the coming days or weeks the real reasons will came to the surface. Meanwhile I think we have to put all want is happening & being said into its respective context & call for some common sense. That a person with 27 years of age who earns 12,5M€ per season in wages, along with another 15M€ in publicity be sad is a hard one to digest. A person who plays Football like a "God" & is the desire of all Clubs & World Fans has to be a bit more humble I think. Add to this the personal appeal that he is blessed with that allows his physical & mental whims to be adhered too at any moment. All this & more, houses, businesses, night-Clubs, cars...material wealth & the maximum prize, to be father with a healthy son. 

Perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo should exchange roles with a coal miner for two weeks, a baker who wakes up at 03.30am & finishes a 18.30, perhaps a deep sea fisherman, a factory worker & any of the 5 million unemployed Spaniards with families & with their support about to end. Unhappy? Ridiculous. This absurdity exists because the majority of us "mortals" allow it to occur & give it the stick necessary to turn it all into something it is not, an important issue.  That the Spanish media is dedicating most of today on this issue is ridiculous, that it is the main talking point for most Spaniards is unbelievable & that I have dedicate so much lines of writing is stupid, except that I wish to put in the picture the blog readers.

Either way it is what it is & we are what we are. While 70% of the World population has a legitimate reason to feel sad, Cristiano Ronaldo gets the front pages. Sometime , somewhere & something went wrong, when I would like to know.

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