Spanish & Madrid regional TV , "Telemadrid", has added fuel to the ..."when will FC BARCELONA Coach Josep Guardiola renew his contract with Barça fire", claiming that one of the big reasons for the delay is defender GERARD PIQUE.

The TV, via its Sports programme, claims that Coach Guardiola does not wish to have the Barça & Spanish International defender continue next season at the Club ( remember how Guardiola got out Ronaldinho, Eto´o & Ibrahimovic? ). Are you surprised?

Model Pique

Some are not surprised at all, as there has been a persistent rumour that Guardiola & Pique have crossed some strong words. Apparently, Guardiola is "sick & tired" of the public life ( or private ) of Pique who has his head in everything else except Football of late. The player has a very frenetic social life & appears more on the pink & fashion magazines than time on the field lately. This & his continuous "attention grabbing" public antics & social media activities has coincided with a dramatic drop in the players Football performance which played a part in some Liga losses.

Josep Guardiola is a very strict Coach & has not bucked to get "thrown" out the door other "scared cows" who did not follow the team philosophy, professional attitude & keep their heads focused on Football.

According to this news source, Guardiola has voiced his desire to FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell, to which the later has said categorical ( for now ) NO. The President considers Pique one of the "Best Defenders" in World Football & a future symbol of the Club. This & the fact the Pique father is an ex-Club Directive with influence still within the Clubs office.

If this news story is indeed true & Guardiola does not get his way, the Coach could well leave at the end of the season because not accepting his solicitation Guardiola would see his authority & credibility lessened within the dressing room.

However, although I am not saying this story is totally out of hand, it could be a Madrid-media based attempt to destabilize the Barcelona dressing room & even put the focus on a Guardiola - President Rosell "bad vibes" relationship.

In any case, stay tuned for further developments as enough fuel is being poured from all sides to keep this fire roaring for some time.

PS: Officials at Barça have commented that this news piece is totally incorrect, naturally!

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