Have received a few emails from readers asking what is happen at FC BARCELONA & in particular with their Coach JOSEP GUARDIOLA. Firstly the only person that can answer this is Josep Guardiola, the rest is just supposition, rumour & invention. Secondly, although this is not an area that I am particularly well informed, I will write down the main points that has Barça on a limb & hanging in suspension on whether Guardiola renews his contract or not.

Josep Guardiola

In fact, this is what is happening at FC Barcelona, that Coach Guardiola has not as yet given his OK to renew another year at the Club. Guardiola has a professional relation with the Club were he renews every year as he does not wish to tie himself any longer. The 13 title winning Coach & voted "The Best Coach in The World" by FIFA this year is not too sure if he will continue. This has Barcelona nervous, or in any case,  some are nervous.

Here are the much written & talked about possible reasons that may lead to Guardiola not renewing his contract: 

  • Family. The man eats, sleeps & shits Football 24 hours a day. Some think this has put some pressure onto his family. The man is married with three children.
  • His best mate & second Coach Tito Vilanova. The man has cancer & is going through a difficult moment. Guardiola is worried & the situation has put life back into perspective for Pep. There is more in life than just Football
  • Differences with President Sandro Rosell & some Directives. There is rumours that there is no "good vibrations" here & in fact, some Directives think that Guardiola has become "TOO BIG".
  • The end of the winning cycle. Some commentators think that Barça is coming to the end of its historic streak of winning everything. Some key players ( Xavi for example) are getting on & some players may be losing their "hunger".
  • Serious problems with certain players in the dressing room whose "private life" is not in accord with the Guardiola way of seeing & being of a "Football Professional". Names talked about are Gerard Pique, Dani Alves & Cesc Fabregas 
  • Opprtunity & offers elsewhere. Inter Milan is sounding
  • A year of to relax & grow back his hair. Being the Barça Coach is very stressful.
These are basically the main points that has Guardiola doubting if to continue or not. However it worth repeating that the only person who really knows is Guardiola.

To end I would like to put in my two bobs worth:
  • could be all a tactical move to motivate his players for the rest of the season
  • could be a call to attention to the "difficult players"
  • could be that Pep is setting up his terms to which President Rosell & his Directives will have to adhere to & which will contain the "leaving" next season of a "sacred cow" 
Either way, everyone will have to wait.

Hope this helps explain a bit to the overseas readers what's up at Barça. Stay tuned!

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