The title of the Spanish Sports paper says it all : "Barcelona puts Guaje on the market" VILLA FOR SALE. A SPANISH FOOTBALL Bombshell? Madrid media propaganda? Destabilizing tactics from Madrid? Interested party testing the waters? The players sending an S.O.S messaje? Bullshit? Truth?


One cannot also doubt that the newspaper looks to sell & get some "free marketing" ( as here ), but... The murmurs from "Camp Barça" have been persistent for months. Firstly, a rumour came out that Villa & Lionel Messi do not have the best of relationships, something obviously denied by the Club. The increased time spend the bench by Villa has not helped, along with Alexis winning protagonism & young Isaac Cuenca winning his place. Then apparently the straw the broke the camels back seems to be the no inclusion for the "Clasico" last Saturday.

The "curse" of the Nº9 ( centre forward ) continues: Eto´o, Ibrahimovic, Bojan & now Villa?

The player has been taken away from his natural position since arriving at Barça to play in the wing, here he is less effective but sacrifices for the team. This was not part of the signing promise. Alexis also plays there & now young Cuenca is getting more time & play.  The rumours say that Villa is perplexed & understands that this was not what was promised to him before signing.

The news today from "Marca" says that FC BARCELONA will be willing to sell the player if they receive a MEGA OFFER ( he cost Barça 42M€) & will even contemplate a sale in this upcoming "Winter Market". The list of Clubs interested is long : Chelsea FC the most, Liverpool, Aston Villa, plus Italian Clubs. However,  I doubt that Barça will sell so soon, if they do intend to sell. If anything the end of the season may be a moment for both Club & player to analyse their situation, it is the custom of Coach Guardiola.

The other theories are that the news has been "filtered" by the player to send a S.O.S message that he is not happy, & that the Club may only be sounding the market. I also don´t discard a marketing move by the paper & a destabilising tactic by Madrid precisely when Barça is about to play for the "Clubs Championships" in Japan.

Either way, worth noting the story, the possible situation & keeping an eye on how things may develop in the coming months.

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