With the "Clasico" dust finally settled in Madrid,  after the FC BARCELONA "hurricane" brushed pass on their way to Japan defeating REAL MADRID 1 - 3 on their home turf, I can now sit down & reflect on certain observations - some already said below in the match post - that I would like to reinforce, add to & of course, add some humour. This last part is basic as neither Football, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona will pay your bills or get you out of your problems, points important to never forget.


Before the Clasico REAL MADRID remained me ( see above) a bit of the Temple of Zeus (Athens) above: majestic, impressive, full of history & a wonder. However, like most things, nothing is safe or invulnerable to circumstances, or to use the simile, to "earthquake" effects that shake the foundations on where you stand.

The FC Barcelona "earthquake" yesterday did more damage than just the 1 - 3 win, Barça is still 3 points behind Real Madrid in the classification table. The real damage was that it shook the Madrid Club from its foundations affecting its structure & appearance.


The after shocks results are the fall of some important columns that I am not "brave" enough,  as yet,  to venture categorically & proclaim as "ruins". Yes, its too early in the season & yes Real Madrid is a Club that historically reconstructs itself again & again. However, the repeat of history leads me to suspect that there are patterns that repeat themselves & that almost - I said almost - nearly makes it "scientific" ( observable & repeated experience).


CRISTINO RONALDO is the main column that has tumbled after yesterdays "Clasico", I would add, yet again. This time the verdict is nearly unanimous, & as an example a  Football journalist last night proclaimed on National TV ( the L´Equipe Spanish correspondent journalist Hermel) that Ronaldo is a "FALSE GREAT". The man was obviously effected by his team defeat ( yes he is a proclaimed RM fan), but his comment , in itself, was not at all exaggerated.

The true Football legends, & those who self proclaim & pretend to be present at the Olympus of the Football Greats, are precisely those that contribute & change - mostly single handed - the course of Football events. Players who under extraordinary moments influence events & deliver the goods. A magic pass, an impossible goal & a far an beyond sacrifice for his team or the cause. Said differently, players who make THE difference in the big & historic moments. Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday choked - again - shrinking in size to be more a negative factor than a positive element for his team. The man failed in the crucial moments, condemning him in Football History as human ( we all make mistakes & fail ) & ripping off his face the "mask of a Football God". Clasicos have a habit of doing this.

Ronaldo recently claimed after being asked by the press , why fans around the World shout insults at him...he replied "Maybe its because I´m rich, handsome & a great player". After yesterdays performance that answer could only be because you are rich, because handsome is in the eye of the beholder & great is an illusion.

Another column that fell was German International OZIL. The difference with CR7 is that Ozil doesn't self proclaim himself as a "great", but his disappearing acts in the big occasions is a worry. Last night his German National Coach Low present at the "Santiago Bernabeu" must have heard some alarm bells. The Real Madrid mass supporters was indeed very disappointed. To his advantage, Ozil is still young.

DI MARIA simply shrunk. Physical effort has no meaning without the mind, a plan & strategy. What saves the man from last nights "earthquake" is that the options given to him were not available either. The man had to improvise & a "Clasico" is not the stage for a "one man show" , just look at his team-mate CR7.

The Real Madrid defence column suffered as well. Brazilian MARCELO was deficient all night  in defensive chores & totally neutralized by Barça defender Alves who gave the 3rd goal pass to the head of Cesc. SERGIO RAMOS was claiming a place at the seat of Franz Beckenbauer ( or Fernando Hierro) at the Football Olympus, to achieve the ascension onto the "heavens" you need some "extra stuff". 

Finally, JOSE MOURINHO fell (again) after being out-smarted tactically by Barça Coach Guardiola. Jose, why put on Ozil who psychically is doubtful & not Kaka? Why put Lass in the midfield & not swapped him position wise with Coentrao? Why is Cristiano Ronaldo never taken off? The damage of the 1 - 3 defeat yesterday is a lessening in the intensity of the shine of the "Mourinho" aura. If his dressing room begins to suspect ( some already do ) that Mourinho maybe more of "magician - hypnotist" than a Football General & Strategist there could be a lowering of belief, spirits & a mental acceptance that "THIS" Barça is unbeatable & thus the Liga could be in danger,  & with it the whole "Real Madrid Temple". Exaggerated? Yes, it could be.

Time for Real Madrid to gather forces as next weeks Sevilla FC LIGA match is now VITAL ( more important than yesterdays Clasico) , & to rebuild the Temple. If there is any Club in the World that can rebuild itself again & again, that is Real Madrid, that is its greatness.

There is another opportunity to catch the train to Mt.Olympus & that is April 2012 in the next "Clasico" where things - if done well & if lessons learnt - could be the place for the ultimate expression of the Football paradise for Real Madrid , convert mortals into Football Gods, & prove me wrong. An easy endevour,  as "Football" has no memory.

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